US News: cruise ship breaks journey for corona cases from

Netherlands: Police reinforces protection for Health Minister Hugo de Jonge

 Netherlands: Police reinforces protection for Health Minister Hugo de Jonge The residential address of the Dutch Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge has been spread by opponents of Corona Mask for several weeks. Now a mobile police post is available before the Minister's private house. © Via / Imago Images / Anp Due to the tense Corona situation, the Dutch police reinforced the protective measures for Health Minister Hugo de Jonge.

the cruise ship «My ship 6» The shipping company Tui Cruises breaks off his current journey in Dubai. "Background are scattered cases of Covid-19 on board, which were detected during the journey. As a pure precautionary measure and the protection of guests and crew, TUI Cruises has now decided to take this short break, "it said in the night on Monday from the company based in Hamburg.

Passagierinnen und Passagiere stehen an Bord des Kreuzfahrtschiffs. © Socrates Baltagiannis / DPA / archive image passengers are on board the cruise ship.

According to the shipping company, the journey would have gone for most of the approximately 2000 passengers anyway on Monday to finish. The involuntary break therefore meet both those who had booked a connection cruise, as well as the guests who wanted to go on board in Dubai. For all guests who would have continued their journey, TUI Cruises organizes the information currently backward flights. First, "" had reported about it.

China records highest value to Corona restarts since March 2020

 China records highest value to Corona restarts since March 2020 In China, the number of corona infections continues to increase. Nationwide, the authorities posted 206 new infectations with the Coronavirus on Sunday - as many as many since March 2020. Hotspot is the millions of town Xi'an, where a strict Lockdown has been a strict Lockdown for the 13 million inhabitants. © STR China has reported a new high of daily corona new infections.

As a spokeswoman of the company explained, the cancellation initially concerns only the current cruise, which should have last until the 10th of January. Should something change, Tui Cruises wants to inform the guests in time.

Video: Corona Falls Scare tourists from cruises (AFP)

as it continued to call it on the "My Ship 6" currently an extended 2G model. That means that both all guests from 12 years and the 800 people strong crew are completely vaccinated. In addition, the guests are tested before and during the journey.

On Sunday, the cruise ship «Aida Nova» had finished the shipping company Aida Cruises from Rostock to his journey because of Corona cases in Lisbon early.

"is a shock" - Hygiene vortex at Handball-EM .
Also around the Handball European Championship Corona is the predominant topic. France and Serbia are shocked on the local conditions. © Provided by "is a shock" - Hygiene vortex at Handball-EM Corona is of course also the predominant topic in Hungary and Slovakia. While the German team has been spared from the virus so far, certain infections in other nations certain headlines.

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