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US News: Yemen: Riyadh accuses the houthis of capturing an emirati boat at the red sea

migrants: at least 14 dead in the sinking of two boats in Greece

 migrants: at least 14 dead in the sinking of two boats in Greece More than 90 passengers could be rescued off the island of Paros © EPN / Newscom / SIPA migrants on a boat in the Mediterranean in November 2021 (Illustration). Human drama - More than 90 passengers could be rescued off Paros Island Three people have died Friday in the sinking of a boat with migrants on board Aegean, a few hours after a first sinking that had Made 11 dead, according to the Greek coast guard.

Un navire cargo dans le port yéménite de Hodeida, sur la mer Rouge. © AFP (Illustration) a cargo ship in the Yemeni harbor of Hodeida, on the Red Sea.

The Military Coalition led by the Saudis and speaking in Yemen accused the Houthis of having "captured" a boat flying Emirati Pavilion which headed for Jazan, in Saudi Arabia. For their part, the Houthis confirmed having grasped a ship carrying "military equipment", and which "engaged in hostile acts".

The rebels in Yemen seized, Monday, January 3, a red sea boat affirming that it carried "military equipment", but Saudi Arabia denounced an act of "piracy" of the Houthis against a ship containing civilian equipment.

Saudi Arabia has been involved in Yemen since 2015 at the head of a military coalition made up of Muslim countries to support government forces against Houthis rebels, supported by Iran.

Saudi Arabia accuses Iran and Hezbollah to help rebels in Yemen

 Saudi Arabia accuses Iran and Hezbollah to help rebels in Yemen © Reuters - Ahmed Yosri The spokesperson for the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, Colonel Turki al-Malki, S ' Expresses at a press conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, December 26, 2021. after a revival of tensions in Yemen, Saudi Arabia against attack. Riyadh launched this weekend a military operation after a murderous attack on his soil. But Saudi Arabia also accuses Iran and Hezbollah directly to support the Houthis rebels to conduct its attacks.

Rival Powers, Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia, Yemen's neighboring country, oppose multiple issues in the Middle East.

"The boat named 'Rawabi' and flying the Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates was hacked and kidnapped at 11:57 pm (20 h 57 GMT) Sunday, while it navigated off the province of Hodeida", in the West Yemen, Turki al-Maliki, Saudi spokesman of the Coalition.

The ship that returned from the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra, off the southern coast of Yemen, had transported equipment for a campaign hospital in this archipelago and headed for Jazan, in Saudi Arabia, he said. In a statement quoted by the Saudi official agency spa.

"The Terrorist Militia of the Houthis is the full responsibility of this criminal act of piracy," he added, calling the rebels to "immediately release the ship". Otherwise, "Coalition forces will take all necessary steps to deal with this violation."

Italy: 558 Refugees allowed to dock after eleven days at sea

 Italy: 558 Refugees allowed to dock after eleven days at sea © AP - Samy Magdy A CVIV-19 screening test on the GEO Barents before a landing at the port of Augusta, on the island of Sicily, on the island of Sicily, In Italy, Wednesday, September 29, 2021. (Image of illustration) The country is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of exiles and refugees joining its coasts in recent months.

contacted by the AFP, Turki Al-Maliki has not been able to specify the number of people aboard the ship.

The Houthis confirmed having entered a boat flying Emirati Flag, claiming that it carried "military equipment".

The ship is "entered in Yemeni waters without any authorization" and "was engaged in hostile acts," said Twitter the military spokesman of the rebels, Yahya Saree.

New Climbing

"The successful and unprecedented operation is part of the fight against the aggression" of the coalition, whose emirates are part of, for its part, declared on Twitter a rebel leader, Mohammed Abdelsalam. He announced the holding of a press conference later in the day on this case.

Several diversions of boats, mostly attributed to Iran, took place in recent years in the waters of the Gulf and around, accentuating tensions.

Iran and the Navy of the United States, close ally of Saudi Arabia, regularly accumulate hostile maneuvers at sea.

The conflict between the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Shiite rebels knew A climbing in recent weeks, Saudi aviation multiplying raids in the territories controlled by the Houthis in Yemen, and the rebels intensifying the attacks of missiles and drones against the Wahhabi kingdom.

The UN and the United States are putting pressure to end the war in Yemen lasting since 2014, but in vain.

According to the UN, the war in Yemen killed 377,000 people, including approximately 227,000 deaths due to the indirect consequences of the conflict, such as lack of drinking water, hunger and disease.

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Costa Concordia: ten years later, the sinking still haunts the survivors .
© AFP / Archives U Mberto Trotté heard the terrified cries of his wife and his children and threw from Costa Concordia on a rescue canoe several meters below to join them. "It was my instinct, my family needed me. I jumped up to 3-4 meters. I landed on a German, poor man," he told the AFP upstream of the 10th anniversary of the catastrophe. The vast luxury cruise ship had failed at night in front of the island of Giglio, off Tuscany, in the midst of the icy waters on January 13, 2012.

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