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US News: Germany loosens entry restrictions

Gazprom criticizes Russian gas resale from Germany to Poland

 Gazprom criticizes Russian gas resale from Germany to Poland © Olga Malsisseva AFP / Archivos Gazprom considered Russian gas resale from Germany to Poland. "It is not the most rational decision," said Russian Gazier Gazier spokesperson, Sergei Kourianov, evoking the resale of Russian gas by Germany in Poland. This is more expensive than the direct deliveries of Gazprom and also comes from a tank already well started while winter is just beginning. Meanwhile, Poland accuses the Russian manipulation giant in full prices.

In view of the spread of the coronavirus variant Omikron Even in Germany, Great Britain, South Africa and other countries in southern Africa are deleted from the list of virus variant areas.

Ankunftsbereich am Flughafen München: Bundespolizisten warten auf Passagiere © Sven Hoppe / DPA / Picture Alliance Arrival area at Munich Airport: Federal Policemen are waiting for passengers

United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Eswatini and Lesotho do not apply from this Tuesday to virus variants as the Robert Koch Institut (RKI) and the Foreign Office in Berlin announced. Instead, the nine states are then conducted (only) as high-risk areas. For people from these countries with a complete corona vaccine, entry to Germany is thus clearly facilitated.

Wirtschaftsverband DiHK beats alarm: EU threatens trade agreement to sleep

 Wirtschaftsverband DiHK beats alarm: EU threatens trade agreement to sleep The German Chamber of Commerce and Commerce (DIHK) has accused the European Commission a too hesitant attitude in international trade policy. While the EU is still thinking about new free trade agreements, in Asia with the new trading pact "Regional ComPrehensive Economic Partnership" (RCEP) for export world champion China has long been created.

Surrounded by high-risk countries

The classification as a high-risk area has a significant impact for unvaccinated travelers: they must be in quarantine for ten days when entering Germany. After five days, however, you can "Freistest" by a negative test result. There is no quarantine duty for vaccinated and greeting travelers. Germany currently classifies all its neighboring states as high-risk areas - with the exception of Austria and Luxembourg.

Grenze zu einem Hochrisikogebiet: Nachbarland Dänemark © Jörg Carstensen / Picture Alliance border with a high-risk area: Neighboring country Denmark

when entering virus variant areas - of which there are no longer available to RKI information from January 4 (for the time being) - is also a duty to the 14th for vaccinated and geneses -Day quarantine that can not be shortened. In addition, there is basically a ban on carriage. Exempted are German citizens or foreigners who have their residence in the Federal Republic, as well as certain occupational groups.

The high-walled omikron variant had been found for the first time in South Africa for the first time. In the meantime, she also spreads strongly in Germany. Soon, after assessing experts in this country, Omikron should soon be the dominant variant.


Novak Djokovic In the Table of the Australian Open but still expelled .
provided not being expelled, Novak Djokovic will be opposed to his Serbian miomir Kecmanovic (78th) compatriot at the 1st round of the Open d'Australia, According to the draw on Thursday with more than one hour late. © Tennis Australia / Scott Barbour / Handout via Reuters Novak Djokovic has been integrated Thursday to the Australian Open Table, but the legal iron arm on its visa continues and the global tennis n.1, No vaccinated, remains under the threat of expulsion.

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