US News: The fire mastered in the South African Parliament

COVID-19: curfew in South Africa

 COVID-19: curfew in South Africa noting a slight better of the health situation, the government makes a gesture on the eve of New Year's Eve. But all other measures remain in place. © Provided by FranceInfo At the beginning of Summer Summer, the news from South Africa regarding the coronavirus epidemic are rather good. The country, which saw appearing at the same time as in Botswana the Omicron Variant a little more than one month ago , now has a decline of new contaminations.

  L’incendie maîtrisé au Parlement sud-africain © Copyright 2022, the obs

the fire in the South African Parliament in Cape Town, which has raged for two days, seemed controlled on Tuesday, 4 January in the morning, AFP said the firefighters spokesman of the city, Jermaine Carelse.

The fire was reparty on Monday afternoon , after an accaltimia. "The fire has been attached by strong southeast winds but firefighters have managed to master it just before midnight" (22 hours GMT), "said Jermaine Carelse. This Tuesday morning, "just before 5 hours" (3 hours GMT), "there was a small resumption of flames but firefighters managed to extinguish it," he still specified.

In the morning, four fire trucks were still at work and about twenty firefighters "to follow the evolution of the situation on the day," he still specified.

South Africa: the devastating fire in Parliament resumes after an

 South Africa: the devastating fire in Parliament resumes after an lodging the flames that have taken up more beautiful Monday afternoon. A thick cloud of smoke escapes the roofs of the imposing building. © Supplied by FranceInfo This is one of the worst possible scenarios: after having controlled the violent fire that declared itself on Sunday , ravaging the South African Parliament in Cape Town, the firefighters struggle again on foot with the flames who took over more beautiful Monday, January 3 in the afternoon.

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A man arrested

Sunday, the woody room with leather armchairs where the deputies have been totally devastated. In this latest part of the vast building composed of three buildings built at different times, firefighters had first had to retreat on Sunday against the intensity of the fire. But they had managed to tame the flames during the night, letting then appear a black and tempered carcass, sad remnants of the room.

A fire strikes the University of Cape Town and its precious Library in South Africa

A 49-year-old man was arrested on Sunday in Parliament's enclosure and charged for "Flight with burglar and criminal fire". He had to be presented on Tuesday to justice.

The fire had taken at dawn on Sunday, in the oldest wing of the impressive building, whose roof was completely destroyed. According to the investigators, the fire expressed in two separate homes and the automatic extinguishing system did not work properly because the water was cut off.

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