US News: Queen Elizabeth II lost two of his "ladies of the room"

A life for football: Peter Peters wants DFB boss to be

 A life for football: Peter Peters wants DFB boss to be The spotlight has greatly made Peter Peters in his long career as a football official. © Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA The divisional chairman of the DFL, Peter Peters, would like to bring about a change in the DFB. At Schalke 04, he was always in the shade of Clemens Tönnies - and also at the German Football League and the German Football Association, the 59-year-old acted predominantly in the background.

Queen Elizabeth II saw, in December, two of his "Ladies of the Bedchamber", the Duchess of Grafton, who was his "mistress of The wardrobe ", and Lady Farnham.

Two new mourns have just hit the Queen Elizabeth II . The monarch, 95 years old, who had the pain of losing his husband Prince Philip last April, saw two of the women who were at the end of the year for decades. The Grafton duchess was along with Elizabeth II for 68 years

the first to go out, on December 3rd at the age of 101, was Ann Fortune Fitzroy, Duchess de Grafton. She was one of the nearest and most faithful friends of the sovereign, occupying the function of "Mrs. of the Robes" (understanding Mistress of the wardrobe) since 1967. She had, in fact, joined the royal house As early as 1953, the Year of the Queen's Coronation, like "Lady of the Bedchamber" (Lady of the House), titled to the British Queen's company ladies, which it is reigning or consort. From his union with the Eutte d'Euston, 11th Duke of Grafton -Mort in 2011-, she had five children, including Lady Virginia, born in 1954 and who has Queen Elizabethi as godmother.

teenage girl killed by a lost ball: the father wants the "prison" for the police officers

 teenage girl killed by a lost ball: the father wants the © Robyn Beck / AFP "The only thing I want is justice for my daughter," launched during a Press Conference Juan Pablo Orellana, the Father of Valentina Orellana-Peralta Valentina Orellana-Peralta, 14, has died, mortally affected by a bullet lost on December 23rd in a store of North Hollywood where she went with her mother . The father of the girl asks the prison for the police in question.

La reine Elizabeth II avec la duchesse de Grafton à Birmingham, le 30 octobre 1998 © Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images © Provided by Paris Match Queen Elizabeth II with the Duchess of Grafton in Birmingham, October 30, 1998 © Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images The second who died on December 29 at 90 years old, is Lady Diana Farnham. Entry in 1987 in the royal house like "Lady-in-Waiting" (Simple Lady Company), it was then for more than 30 years "Lady of the Bedchamber" for the Queen. Bride from the BARRY MAXWELL, 12th Baron Farnham and Irish Pair, disappeared in 2001, and with whom she had adopted two girls, she had accompanied the British sovereign during her royal tours for 44 years, and especially for her diamond jubilee. In 2012 and his historic state visit to the Republic of Ireland the previous year, recalled the "

Daily Mail ".

La reine Elizabeth II avec Lady Farnham à Windsor, le 30 avril 2012 © HUSSEIN ANWAR/SIPA © Provided by Paris Match Queen Elizabeth II with Lady Farnham in Windsor, April 30, 2012 © Hussein Anwar / SIPA The British tabloid indicates that a royal source entrusted to the "Telegraph" that the monarch was devastated, declarant: "It's very sad for the queen. Everyone loved Lady Farnham, she was still good mood. It was also a very glamorous and seductive woman. Qualifying the deceased, as well as the Duchess of Grafton, "Dear Friends who supported the Queen in his official duties," she added, with reference to the 95 years of the latter: "Unfortunately, a sad consequence of living a long life is that you have to say goodbye to many people to whom you hold ".

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Downing Street apologizes from the Queen of Holiday Organization Front Funeral .
© YUI MOK / Pool / AFP L a week Continuous nightmare for Boris Johnson . After the revelation of his presence at organized holidays in confinement, the Prime Minister had to apologize, on Friday, January 14, to the Queen for an evening having taken place the day before the funeral of the husband of Elizabeth II , Prince Philip.

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