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US News: COVID-19: fewer deaths, but mostly affects the mortality due to COVID-19 has fallen sharply since the first two epidemic waves, thanks to the progress made in the treatment of patients and the vaccination. People over 70 and non-vaccinated remain the fir

COVID-19: This country prohibits entry to non-vaccinated persons

 COVID-19: This country prohibits entry to non-vaccinated persons © Pixabay Covid-19: This country prohibits entry to non-vaccinated persons as of Tuesday, December 28, unvaccinated travelers against the Covid-19, even with a negative test, will no longer be accepted in Finland. This is a new step in the restrictions that the different countries put in place around the world to stem the new Wave of Covid-19 due to the Omicron Variant. Several states have already hardened their entry conditions.

If the media no longer do the daily count of the

deaths due to COVID-19

, the disease continues to make victims. However, deaths are numerous than at the beginning of the pandemic.

Indeed, during the first wave of COVID-19, France France has identified up to 500 deaths per day of the virus, and 400 during the second wave. During the summer of 2021, the figures of the epidemic fell down to the lowest, with about fifteen COVID dead per day. With the current wave current, which exploded the curve of contaminations, deaths are also returned on the rise: about 175 deaths per day of COVID-19 were identified over the last seven days. A total of 124,212 people died in France since the beginning of the epidemic. 1 If the COVID-19 kills less today than in the first two waves, it is because the doctors have made progress in the treatment of patients, in resuscitation in particular , where the treatments have evolved. Above all, vaccination , which prevents the appearance of serious shapes, has increased mortality. Especially in the EHPAD, where the elderly and sometimes weakened French live, therefore at risk. In the first two waves, the virus killed up to 2,500 residents each week. With the arrival of vaccination, which now concerns almost 100% of residents in EHPAD, including for the

coronavirus: new record of contaminations with 232,200 new cases recorded in 24 hours in France

 coronavirus: new record of contaminations with 232,200 new cases recorded in 24 hours in France The French hospitals welcome 18,715 patients affected by the COVID-19 © Jeremias Gonzalez / AP / SIPA a medical worker, on the right, prepares for Perform nasal tests on a COVID-19 test site in Nantes, Western France, Friday, December 31, 2021.

reminder dose, mortality collapsed. The week of December 27, only 20 EHPAD residents were among the nearly 1,000 CVIV-19 deaths.

Video: Enrique Casalino: "The vaccine works and reduces the risk of serious forms" (Dailymotion) The vaccine has divided by three mortality of the older


, the elderly who live at them remain those who die. the most of the disease. The week of December 27, over the age of 70 accounted for three quarters of the dead. In particular because some are not vaccinated, and that in France, people who die the most are non-vaccinated. Among the oldest, we also find people weaker, less healthy and sometimes immunocompromised, and on which vaccines are less effective. However,

without the vaccine, the balance sheet could have been much more important: according to the data of Public Health France

, the death rate has been divided by three among the oldest, since the arrival of the vaccine.

0 Public Health France also lists areas where death rates due to COVID-19 are the most important. On the week of December 27, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region was the one with the largest number of electronic death certificates mentioning COVID-19. It is followed by Ile-de-France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Occitania. In the opposite, Brittany remains the region where we observe the least contamination, and where the number of deaths of COVID-19 is the lowest.

Senate ends quarantine chaos: These rules are now valid for Berlin .
more and more Berliners are infected with Omikron, whether they are already vaccinated, or not. 7797 new infections were added on Thursday according to management report. But despite a new federal state decision, quarantine rules were interpreted differently in Berlin from district to district. On Friday, the Authority of Health Senator Ulrike Gote (Greens) finished chaos.

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