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US News: North Korea shot an unidentified projectile in the Japan Sea

Wirtschaftsverband DiHK beats alarm: EU threatens trade agreement to sleep

 Wirtschaftsverband DiHK beats alarm: EU threatens trade agreement to sleep The German Chamber of Commerce and Commerce (DIHK) has accused the European Commission a too hesitant attitude in international trade policy. While the EU is still thinking about new free trade agreements, in Asia with the new trading pact "Regional ComPrehensive Economic Partnership" (RCEP) for export world champion China has long been created.

Des personnes regardent un journal télévisé montrant des images d'archives d'un essai de missile nord-coréen, dans une gare de Séoul, le 5 janvier 2022, après que la Corée du Nord a tiré ce qui semble être un missile balistique au large de sa côte Est, selon l'armée sud-coréenne. © Jung Yeon I / AFP People watch a televised newspaper showing archival images of a North Korean missile test, in a station From Seoul, on January 5, 2022, after North Korea shot what seems to be a ballistic missile off its east coast, according to the South Korean army.

The projectile launched by Pyongyang this Wednesday morning could be a ballistic missile according to the South Korean army. This is the first North Korean shot in 2022, after a year 2021 marked by major arms progress.

Northern Korea has launched an unidentified projectile in the sea, announced this Wednesday, January 5, South Korea and Japan, which represents the first test of this type from Pyongyang in this new year.

Crab Fisherman in Need

 Crab Fisherman in Need Camping quantities and low producer prices have increased the existential wents of the crab fishermen at the German North Sea coast in the second Corona year 2021. © Sina Schult / DPA An empty fishing net on a crab cutter. «After three bad years all reserves are used up," said the managing director of the producer community of the German Crabfischer (EZDK), Dirk Sander, the German Press Agency. As early as 2019 and 2020, the fishermen were below-average economic years.

This shot comes after a year 2021 marked by major armament , despite the serious economic difficulties that the country is experiencing: North Korea affirmed to have successfully tested in 2021, a new type Ballistic missile launched by a submarine, a long-range cruise missile, a weapon launched by a train and that it stated to be a hypersonic ogient.

The projectile launched Wednesday around 8:10 am (0:10 in France) pulled in the sea located east of the peninsula (Japanese Sea, or Eastern Sea according to the Korean name) "could be a missile ballistics, "according to the South Korean army.

"South Korean and American intelligence services carefully analyze it for more details," said Joint Staff of South Korea in a statement.

North Korea wishes to strengthen its military capacities

North Korea: Kim Jong a fact of the economy Priority for 2022

 North Korea: Kim Jong a fact of the economy Priority for 2022 © STR Photo released on January 1, 2022 by the KCNA agency showing Kim Jong one at the platform of a meeting of the Central Committee of the Party Workers in power, in Pyongyang The North Korean leader Kim Jong one has placed the economy at the heart of his speech after an important meeting of the ruling party, reported Saturday the state media.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida spoke of a "possible launch of ballistic missile" without failing to regret that "North Korea has launched missiles since last year. "

Fumioo Kishida told the press that the Japanese government analyzed the details, including the number of missiles that could be launched.

Japanese coastguards had stated a little earlier to have spotted what seems to be ballistic missiles from North Korea, and asked vessels in the area not to approach suspect objects.

During a large meeting of the party in power last week, the North Korean leader affirmed his willingness to strengthen the military capacities of his country, yet under the influence of international sanctions.

Negotiation Negotiations

This new essay comes as North Korea did not respond to Washington's proposal to meet US representatives to negotiate with Pyongyang.

Negotiations with the United States are neutral since the failure, in 2019, from the meeting between Kim Jong One and Donald Trump, then President of the United States.

Mysterious intrusion in North Korean territory

 Mysterious intrusion in North Korean territory © Jung Yeon-I / AFP Sud-Korean soldiers assemble custody along the "DMZ", January 1, 2022, to Paju. On the night of 31 December on January 1, a man slightly penetrated into the territory of North Korea, one of the world's most closed countries. This would be the second time the man crosses the "demilitarized zone" (DMZ) that separates the ermital kingdom from South Korea, according to the authorities of Seoul.

Since the coming to the power of President Joe Biden a year ago, the United States has repeatedly told that they were willing to meet North Korean representatives. But Pyongyang has so far rejected this offer, accusing Washington to carry out "hostile" policies.

In a speech delivered last week after a plenary meeting of the Workers' Party, Kim Jong a said he wanted to continue his weapon program but did not mention the United States. He confined himself to saying that he kept in the mind "the military environment in the Korean Peninsula" and the international situation.

Food Shortages

Unlike previous years, where its new year speech focused on its foreign policy, the leader has made economic development and the food situation its priority.

The North Korean regime, which is under the influence of international sanctions because of its prohibited military programs, suffers from food shortages.

The pressure on its economy has been strengthened by the closing of the borders ordered to fight against the pandemic but it did not prevent Pyongyang from developing its armament program, according to a United Nations report published in October.

The North Korean leader had recognized in June that his country was facing a "extended food situation".

In October, a UN Human Rights expert warned that the most vulnerable were "threatened with famine".

Coronavirus-South Korea Extends Sanitary Restrictions .
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