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US News: The schools should remain open

African countries in control of the economic crisis related to COVID-19

 African countries in control of the economic crisis related to COVID-19 © AFP - Yanick Folly Aerial view of Lomé in Togo. 2021 was punctuated once again by the Pandemic of Covid-19 and its share of restrictions that had a significant impact on global economies as well as Africans. For the new year, the announcements of measures to contain inflation and limit the consequences of the populations have multiplied ... Tour of these ads. "The reopening of the economy", this is what announced Friday night the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in his New Year's address.

Berlin. Nationwide school closures are no longer possible according to current legal situation. There is now a renewed commitment of politics: schools should not close, not even in the build-up omikron wave. How long does the commitment last?

 Unterricht mit Maske. Das wird auch im neuen Schuljahr nötig sein © Matthias Balk lessons with mask. This will also be necessary in the new school year

The Cultural Ministers of Cultural Ministers of Countries remain in their line that schools should be kept open in the current corona situation. "Even if the pandemic changes through a new virus variant, we need to take the needs of children and adolescents even more. This means that we conclude the schools only when all other ways are exhausted, "said the President of the Cultural Ministers Conference (KMK), Karin Prien (CDU), on Wednesday after a special switch of the minister.

COVID in the United Kingdom: Disturbances and reorganizations to cope with the Omicron epidemic

 COVID in the United Kingdom: Disturbances and reorganizations to cope with the Omicron epidemic © - Frank Augstein The British Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, said that he had to learn to live with the coronavirus. In the United Kingdom, where the propagation of Omicron began earlier than in France, the government does not currently provide for new restrictions. But the proportion of contamination begins to disrupt society, starting with the public service.

The KMK had scheduled the unscheduled advice because of the threatening massive increase in infection numbers through the omikron variant. Most recently, the question was previously the question of whether continuous lessons in the schools will remain possible. The presence learning has the highest priority, Prien said, the Minister of Education of Schleswig-Holstein. They also referred to the applicable legal situation, according to which nationwide school closures are currently no longer possible.

The traffic lights parties had excluded from amendments to the Infection Protection Act that it comes again to a large school leaflet as a year ago. Possible such a measure would only be again if the Infection Protection Act would be changed again, for which at least there is no plans at least now, or if the Bundestag would again determine the so-called epidemic situation of national scope, which previously does not appear - but depending on the development is not excluded.

mounted no longer in quarantine

 mounted no longer in quarantine Dusseldorf. In NRW, Omikron is on the rise. Now the Ministers of Health want to shorten the quarantine for contact persons to seven days, in important occupations on five days. For botest contact persons, she should fall completely. The doctors in the Rhineland demand a FFP2 duty in bus and train. © Marijan Murat In Bus and Railways, citizens are to carry FFP2 masks again, demand doctors.

In its decision of Wednesday, the cultural ministers write that in the coming weeks because of omikron "may occur a very dynamic infection events". "However, there are clear evidence that a potential disease is milder," it continues to say. The scale of action is therefore not just the infection numbers, said Hamburg's SchulSenator Ties Rabe (SPD) according to the deliberations.

The KMK also addresses the schools against this background for revised quarantine rules. "The maintenance of school operations is systemically relevant to children and adolescents and, in addition, a basis for ensuring the ability of other critical infrastructures, 'means the decision. About the quarantine theme, the federal government and countries are currently offset. Decisions are expected on Friday.

Even though nationwide school closures at the state level can no longer have, it can occur locally in schools to restrictions, for example if health insurance funds order how Pries explained. States like Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern leave it to the schools themselves now how to proceed. Even so, it can occasionally be AC ​​or even distance learning come back.

From the German Teachers' Association, this model is welcomed. The chairman of the Education and Science Union (GEW), Maike Finnern, said on Wednesday in channel n-tv: "Quite frankly, it will not be able to stay up all schools. This must be said clearly that way. "Teaching in presence is first choice," but not at any price ".

Last year, the large-scale limitations had drawn at the schools until spring. Only gradually returning students, some as young as in May. Because of the long outages is estimated that almost a quarter of the students learning residues have built or enlarged. Children and young doctors also warn of mental and physical diseases by school closures.

Covid: more than 14,000 classes closed, a record since the spring 2020 .
© Copyright 2022, Obs The number of classes closed due to the CVIV-19 epidemic established this Friday, January 14 to 14 380 against 9 202 last week, the highest level since the spring of 2020, announced the Ministry of National Education. This figure includes classes that are closed due to COVID-19 cases, despite the removal of the rule of a class closure for three cases of COVIDs, and those that are due to the absence of teachers. This represents 2.73% of the country's 527,200 classes.

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