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US News: orders for industry are surprisingly clearly

private wallboxes are to be further promoted - call for consumer center and auto industry

 private wallboxes are to be further promoted - call for consumer center and auto industry The promotion of private wallboxes expired at the end of October 2021 is to be resumed - at least if it goes according to the will of the auto industry and the consumer center. © VW AG VW Wallbox. If there is an agreement on any topic in terms of electromobility at all, then probably to this. The success of electromobility in width is and falls with access to charging stations. Therefore, the expansion of the loading infrastructure is the critical point of the entire concept.

The German industry has received more orders thanks to a strong demand from abroad. Compared to the previous month, orders increased by 3.7 percent in November, as the Federal Statistical Office announced.

Containerbrücken und zahlreiche Container stehen an einem Containerterminal in Bremerhaven. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich / DPA container bridges and numerous containers are at a container terminal in Bremerhaven.

experts were surprised by the strength of the increase. They had expected an increase of 2.3 percent on average.

significantly more orders came from abroad. The Federal Office reported an increase in the month of monthly by 8 percent. Part of the order intake from the Eurozone was particularly strong with an increase of 13.1 percent. On the other hand, orders from domestic fell by 2.5 percent.

Unfulled and infected again: Mbabu missing to start

 Unfulled and infected again: Mbabu missing to start On Wednesday, the VfL Wolfsburg starts in its preparation for the second half, but Kevin Mbabu is apparently missing. The Swiss should have again infected with Covid-19. © imago images / regios24 Missing Wolfsburg for the time being: Kevin Mbabu. The Swiss provided the VfL Wolfsburg challenges for 16.30 clock is the training start at the VfL Wolfsburg on Wednesday at the VfL Wolfsburg, the team of coach Florian Kohfeldt should be seen again on the exercise platz.

The order intake in the important economic sector was able to recover from the Herben Burglation in October. At that time, the entrance fell sharply, which returned mainly to a burglary of orders from abroad. However, the October setback was not as strong as before: the Federal Office revised the decline to 5.8 percent of previously 6.9 percent.

The biggest increase in order intake in November reported the Federal Office at «Other vehicle construction», which, among other things, covers the orders of aircraft, ships or trains. In this area there was an increase of 32 percent through extensive large orders. In the production of motor vehicles and power car parts, order intake increased by 7 percent.

The Federal Ministry of Economics was cautiously optimistic. "For the economic prospects, this provides a positive impetus, although economic activity is continued to be burdened by existing supply bottlenecks."

economists Thomas Gitzel From VP Bank, in addition to foreign demand, also referred to plans of the new federal government for an ecological conversion of industry and stronger digitization. "The investment plans of the German Federal Government help the manufacturing industry. The order books will remain well filled despite short-term setbacks in the perspective of the coming years, "said the expert.

Less overnight stays in Germany 2021 As in the previous year .
of Germany tourism, in the Corona Pandemic, to a further massive loss year. Despite a significant increase in overnight numbers in November, the balance sheet of the first eleven months 2021 fell worse than in the same period of the Corona Crisis Year 2020. © Stefan Sauer / DPA / Archive The Federal Statistical Office published the numbers of domestic tourism in November 2021: according to this The overnight stays decreased by 0.9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

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