US News: Italy: The Serie A, Chamboulae by 80 COVID Cases, Made Front

COVID-19: In the United States, daily contaminations approach their early records 2021

 COVID-19: In the United States, daily contaminations approach their early records 2021 © Alex Wong in Washington, residents pay in front of a library to retrieve free autototes on December 23. The daily contaminations at CVIV-19 are rising sharply because of the Omicron variant and in passing a record dating back last January. "A vertical thrust". The image for describe the progression of the pandemic used by Anthony Fauci, the main counselor of the White House in the fight against the pandemic, has the merit of being clear.

Tous les matchs de la journée de reprise sont maintenus en Italie ce jeudi mais plusieurs sont compromis, notamment l'affiche-vedette entre la Juventus de Moïse Kean et Naples ce soir. ICON SPORT/Massimo Rana © IPP / Icon Sport All the games of the day of recovery are maintained in Italy this Thursday but many are compromised, including the displayed poster between Juventus Moses Kean and Naples tonight. Icon Sport / Massimo Rana Bologna, Udinese and Torino, after Salernitana Tuesday, announced to be subject to sanitary measures after grouped cases of Covid-19 in their numbers , which compromises the holding of several Matches this week in Italy . Bologna, eight positive players, announced Wednesday in the evening that players "will not be able to participate in official sporting events for at least five days". The club therefore asks for the postponement of its two matches against Inter Milan, Thursday, then to Cagliari on Sunday. The Udinese, nine positive players, officially solicited the postponement of his matches Thursday against Fiorentina and Sunday against Atalanta, after quarantine measures and health surveillance aimed at his players. The Torino, six positive players, indicated that "all the group" had been placed in "home quarantine" for five days, which means that garnets will not a priori meet the Atalanta Thursday in Bergamo or Fiorentina Sunday. Tuesday, La Salenitana, nine cases, had already asked for the postponement of his match against Venice, scheduled Thursday. Sport justice decides "it's a difficult situation. With the cases of Covid, the wounded and the African Cup of Nations, it lacks twelve players, "said Bologna coach, Sinisa Mihajlovic, before the formalization of sanitary measures on Wednesday. Until this week, a single meeting of season 2021-22 could not take place in Serie A, at the end of December, between Udinese and Salernitana. Faithful to its policy of last season, the Italian league had not postponed the upstream meeting, leaving the players of the Udinese and the referees find on the ground the package of the opponent, remained in Campania on instructions of the authorities sanitary. It will thus come back to the sporting justice to inflict a defeat on green carpets to Salernitana or possibly to announce a new date for this uncalled match. It should be the same Thursday for the four meetings that should not take place, as a result of the decisions of the health authorities: the League confirmed Wednesday night to the AFP that the 20th day program remained unchanged. Atalanta, the expected host of the Torino, however, already warned its supporters that its stadium would not be open to the public. Naples, whose displacement on the grounds of Juventus was also uncertain after cases of COVID-19, however received the green light to make the trip. But three Napolitan players have learned from Arriving in Turin that they could not be aligned, because not having received the third dose of vaccine, according to Italian media.

COVID-19: The vaccination of children starts in Brazil .
© AFP - Nelson Almeida The vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 against CVIV-19 in Brazil began on January 14, 2022. Davi Xavante, little indigenous boy from Eight years, was the first Brazilian child vaccinated at an official ceremony at the Sao Paulo Clinics Hospital. A little 8 year old boy received his first dose at an official ceremony Friday, January 14th.

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