US News: Losses: Fed protocol missed DAX-Rally Damper

COVID-19: The United States reduces the isolation of asymptomatic patients at five days and non-vaccinated contact cases

 COVID-19: The United States reduces the isolation of asymptomatic patients at five days and non-vaccinated contact cases © Nicholas Kamm Joe Biden, Monday, December 27, during a videoconferencing with the governors of the US states consecrated COVID. with more than 200,000 daily cases of COVID-19s in the last two days and while the Omicron, much more transmissible variant, is now majority in the United States, the risk of a palsy of the US economy. -Woir was too strong.

The German Leading Index dropped on Thursday.

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After the recording of the DAX missed for hair width the day before, the concern made new records in a distant return in the US in the USA on Wednesday. The German Leading Index ranged the Thursday trading with a clear minus and ultimately also went 1.35 percent deeper at 16,052.03 points in the work.

The fear of faster rising interest in the US has ended the latest high-altitude flight of the DAX on Thursday for the time being abrupt. On the previous day thanks to the emotional omikron-worries still almost on record high, the German Leading Index dived at the penultimate trading day of the first Stock Exchange week 2022 temporarily again under the round mark of 16,000 points.

completely redesigned BRX Hunter: Sebastien Loeb dreams of the Dakar victory

 completely redesigned BRX Hunter: Sebastien Loeb dreams of the Dakar victory © Red Bull Contentpool Sebastien Loeb attacks for the second time with Prodrrive at the Dakar at The British Rally Schmied Prodrive stands before the second rally Dakar in Saudi Arabia. A total of three BRX Hunter T1 + vehicles have been reported. Sebastien Loeb and Nani Roma were already at the past edition. New to the Bahrain Raid Xtreme program stoves Orlando Terranova. Also Prodrive has adapted the Hunter to the new T1 + regulations. The new vehicle uses 37-inch tires to 17-inch rims.

positive that bargain hunters in the DAX under the 16,000 mark were already rising again, Analyst Jochen Stanzl tried from the trading house CMC Markets to conserve something good to the day. "Whether you are right with this strategy, the coming days will show." In the technology sector you are looking for the bargain hunters, which board in the DAX, but in vain, so Stanzl. The highly growth-oriented tech companies are considered to be particularly prone to higher interest rates, because this increases their financing costs. On Thursday they stood significantly under pressure throughout Europe.

market observers see the main causes of the price losses on the stock market in a recognizable-award monetary policy price of the US Federal Reserve (Fed). From the Protocol published on the Eve of the December meeting of the Fed, the Fed session emphasized that some of its members pleaded to begin reducing the balance sheet total of the central bank shortly after the first interest rate increase. Thus, expiring bonds would no longer replace what the bond courses are pressed and the returns should increase accordingly. This in turn would leave shares less attractive compared to fixed income securities.

German inflation numbers

Life in Germany has suddenly expanded in the past year. Strong increased energy prices, supply bottlenecks and the redemption of the time-shifted VAT reduction drove the annual inflation after a first estimate of the Federal Statistical Office to 3.1 percent. The Wiesbadener Authority had recently measured 4.5 percent in the course of consumer prices in the beginning of consumer prices.

in December alone, prices for goods and services were 5.3 percent above the level before the year of the year. REDACTION / DPA-AFX

COVID-19. A team of AFP assaulted in Paris during the anti-passenger manifestation .
© Photo: Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP Vaccalant opponents descended on the street, Saturday, January 15, 2022, in Paris and in several cities of France. They were 54,000 throughout France, according to the Ministry of the Interior. A team of the France-Presse agency was threatened with death and assaulted on Saturday, January 15, 2022, in Paris, during a vaccination anti-pass rally organized by the Patriotic Movement of Florian Philippot.

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