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FC Bayern has to accept numerous corona failures for the second-round prelude. Thomas Müller expresses itself to the situation - and makes courage for the game against the foals.

Das sagt Müller zum Bayern-Chaos © Provided by That says Müller Zum Bayern-Chaos

FC Bayern has to cope with numerous corona failures for the second-round prelude to Borussia Mönchengladbach. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

Threatens Konami loss renowned eFootball / PES pros?

 Threatens Konami loss renowned eFootball / PES pros? The eFootball League operation rests. Many of the Pro League players are a club. Fresh breeding ground for a new orientation toward competition? © FC Schalke 04 "In the realm of possibility" - 'El_Matador' about a possible change in the FIFA bearing After launch disaster Due to the shift of the necessary eFootball updates to spring 2022, has many of the professionals to deliver training and Tournament basis been taken. Few came under in new clubs. Most were released, contract negotiations rest.

These include power carriers such as Leroy Sané, Manuel new or Lucas Hernández. Whether the game actually takes place against the foals is still open. A final decision is expected for Friday.

One who is not infected and that could contribute on Friday is Thomas Müller. The 32-year-old has expressed himself to the difficult situation - and well encouraged. (Bundesliga: FC Bayern - Borussia Mönchengladbach, Friday from 20.30 clock in the Liveticker)

AS Monaco fires Kovac! Soon back in the Bundesliga?

 AS Monaco fires Kovac! Soon back in the Bundesliga? The year 2021 ends for Niko Kovac with a evil surprise: AS Monaco has released him from his duties as a chef coach! © Provided by 90min Niko Kovac | Eurasia Sport Images / GettyImages According to his FC Bayern Munich , Kovac had taken over the charming task in Monaco for the 2019/20 season. In his first year in the Principality, the German-Kroat had made a considerable third place with the mongels - and even in this season, the AS after 19 matchdays only four meters behind two.

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"I do not see the whole thing so dramatic. Of course it is not optimal, but of course that brings the whole situation with you, "Müller explained on the in-house channel. (Data: Results and Schedule of the Bundesliga)

Bavaria fills cadres with talents - Young's star waves club record

 Bavaria fills cadres with talents - Young's star waves club record The FC Bayern is preparing for the back round check with numerous "new" faces. Including two 16-year-olds. © Imago Images / Beautiful Sports meets regularly for Bavaria U 19: The ARIJON IBRAHIMOVIC, which has become 16, has just 16. After numerous Corona cases when FC Bayern brought clearly on the champion course at the beginning of December by the 3: 2 away win in Dortmund, Arijon Ibrahimovic and Paul Wanner were not even 16 years old. One month later, both could write on Friday evening (20.30

One must deal with the situation now. Help you have passed the U23. Whose players were already on Thursday in training, which is why he would still be positive in the game, "even if we did not have optimal preparation, of course."

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so would Some players "probably not run on their parade positions," Müller said. "We'll see how long the fairness is enough. The change options will be rather unknown names - but that does not mean that they can not shoot. In football, there have always been names that you did not know before - and then you knew them. " (Data: The Table of the Bundesliga)

Che to Bavaria? This is the stand

 Che to Bavaria? This is the stand US Talent Justin Che has been on the note of Bayern, nails with heads, the record champion, as with Ricardo Pepi, does not make - a towering situation for the 18-year-old who arrivals the next career step . © Provided by Che to Bavaria? That's the stand threatens to fail this Bayern transfer? Justin Che from FC Dallas should actually switch to Munich in the summer and completing the season preparation with the professionals of Julian Nagelsmann, but the deal failed at the Veto of the

The 0: 5-Schmach in the Cup is as good for the striker. The game is still "in mind, but with direct game preparation it has nothing to do. Since then, a lot has happened in both teams, there were different developments. "

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Mark van Bommel wants to go back to the Bundesliga .
three months after his from VfL Wolfsburg hopes the former Bavaria captain and present professional trainer Mark van Bommel on a return to the football league. "I want to be in the square as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that was not last last. But I would like to go back to the Bundesliga, "said the 44-year-old Dutchman at the TV channel picture.

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