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US News: Quickhardt: Give full throttle and make a big head

Ukraine: biden and poutine advocate "diplomacy" and "dialogue" before their maintenance

 Ukraine: biden and poutine advocate © AFP The American and Russian presidents said, at a few hours of an interview Thursday, their willingness to dialogue to solve deep tension Russian-Western, on the background of fear of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Joe Biden intends, according to the White House, a "diplomatic channel" to get out of the crisis during their phone call, the second in less than a month.

At the beginning of the season, Fabian Quickhardt was set in midfield of SV Darmstadt 98. A lock and a violation threw it back. Now he is fit again and wants to attack in the second part of the season.

Muss sich nach Verletzung erst einmal wieder in die Mannschaft spielen: Fabian Schnellhardt. © Imago Images / HMB-Media has to play back into the team after injury: Fabian Quickhardt.

Darmstadt's midfielder works on comeback

The table does not lies: The SV Darmstadt 98 overwinters on ascent rush two - and at least midfielder Fabian Quickhardt would like to stay as long as possible. "We go to every game with the intention to get three points," Quickhardt said, but also acknowledged: "Surely that will not always succeed." Especially in the strong and balanced 2nd league, it was difficult to predict what end then out.

Covid, presidential, Europe ... What Emmanuel Macron has said to the French during his wishes for 2022

 Covid, presidential, Europe ... What Emmanuel Macron has said to the French during his wishes for 2022 © Sipa from the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron sent Friday night and for the last time his five-year wishes to the French. You are told what needed to remember. While 2021 ends, Emmanuel Macron sent Friday to 8 pm from the Elysée his traditional wishes to the French. This year, the speech has a particular flavor. These are the last he pronounces his five-year and they are sent to a hundred days of the next presidential election.

A concrete goal has not been set for the second part of the season so far as Schnellhardt says. In the case of the surprise team of the league, understandably there is a certain discomfort in connection with the word ascension - even if trainer Torsten Lieberknecht had granted shortly before Christmas, that in the face of the table position, it was difficult to spark around the topic. And of course, the Bundesliga is also the dream for most professionals: "It would be a lie if I would say: I do not want to achieve that," at least Quickhardt said.

Strong competition in the central midfield

personally has to go back to the team on the second season part on January 12th, 28 years old on January 12th. In the first round he was initially set, then had to pause for a red card and later because of a muscle bundle crack in the calf. In his absence, Klaus Gjasula and Tobias Kempe convinced Kempe in the central midfield, where Schnellhardt feels most comfortable.

Kenya: Death of the famous paleontologist Richard Leakey, the father of the "Turkana Boy"

 Kenya: Death of the famous paleontologist Richard Leakey, the father of the © AFP - Yasuyoshi Chiba Photo taken June 27, 2018. The Paleoanthropologist and Fame World Richard Leakey expresses himself during an interview With AFP in Nairobi, Kenya. - The Global Richard Leakey Kenyan Global Kenyan Political Politicist and Politics, who has identified evidence that helped to prove that humanity has evolved in Africa, died on January 2,2022 at the age of 77, Declared President Kényan Uhuru Kenyatta in a statement.

"I just give full throttle in training - as every other player, too," he says. "I'm not doing a big head. If I should play, I'm glad, of course. But I could say it rightly if that was not like that." On Saturday (13.30 clock), the SV Darmstadt 98 denies a test match against Jahn Regensburg. As fasthardt has the opportunity to collect game practice and recommended for more tasks.

New contract: "I was directly satisfied"

Shortly before Christmas, the club had announced the extension of the end-of-the-season contract with Quickhardt for two more years. That was not necessarily to be foreseen, after all, the former U-20 national player in the so far contained two and a half years with the lilies less than half of the possible work time.

"My wife always wants to fly more distant goals. Since I said: she has to look for another man. "(Fabian Quickhardt)

ultimately crucial for his decision were the team, the club and coach Torsten Lieberknecht, whom he already known from the common time in Duisburg. At the end of November, the first discussions had been added to the expansion of cooperation and agreed within a few days, he says and adds: "I was directly satisfied and I'm glad that it worked so fast"

that the team is currently in Gernsheim At Darmstadt and not in Spain or Turkey prepared for the second half of the season, Quickhardt is coming well. "I'm more of one who does not fly so much," he acknowledged and added smirking, "My wife likes to fly more distant goals. I said: she has to look for another man."

in Sudan, manifestations, road locks and censored media .
© AFP M Edecins Protestant against attacks of hospitals, farmers denouncing the increase in electricity and media demanding the right to cover the crisis at Sudan : The military power is again Sunday in the viewfinder of the protest.

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