US News: more e-cars: Challenge for fire departments

Nantes. 120,000 spectators charmed by the show Lucia

 Nantes. 120,000 spectators charmed by the show Lucia © Jérôme Fouquet / West-France The show Lucia, Mysteries of Amazoné seduced nearly 120,000 spectators from 22 to 30 December on the forecourt of the Cathedral of Nantes and in front of the Museum natural history. The Lucia show, projected on the Cathedral of Nantes and the Natural History Museum, attracted 120,000 spectators for eight days of projection. In 2018, they were 200,000. The largest tropical forest in the world on the Cathedral of Nantes.

The rising number of electric cars represents the Rhineland-Palatinate fire brigades from special challenges. For e-cars, there is a risk that already deleted fires could ignite again, said a speaker of the Ministry of the Interior in Mainz of the German Press Agency. This is due to the construction of lithium-ion batteries. To avoid so-called backups, the batteries would therefore be cooled with water for e-auto fires. According to data from the motorway office, there were in early 2020 in Rhineland-Palatinate 5683 cars with electric drive. In October 2021 it was over 24,000

Ein verbranntes Elektroauto auf dem Gelände eines Autohauses. © Christoph Seder / dpa / symbol image A burned electric car on the grounds of a car dealership.

mostly can only be determined by the ministry from the fire brigades that a fire is under control. Until a fire as deleted, it can come for a weeklong chemical process. Therefore, temperatures of batteries would be tightly controlled after extinguishing work to avoid re-flamming.

also special rules apply to the disposals of the accident cars: After fires, towing services would be informed about a possible risk of return. In addition, electric vehicles after fires are preferably stored outdoors, as it was called by the speaker.

In individual cases, it can also be necessary to set extinguished E cars for several days in so-called extinguishing containers under water. Overall, however, e-cars go a similar fire hazard as in vehicles with others driven, it said.

DRC: The new disarmament program and reintegration remains awaiting its financing .
© Monusco / Abel Kavanagh a child soldier photographed on January 06, 2015 in Aveba, in the eastern province of the DRC. Five months after the appointment of the members of the Disarmament Program, Demobilization, Community Recovery (P-DDRCS) Where is this new initiative supposed to accelerate the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration process? with our correspondent in Kinshasa, patient Ligodi This program is ambitious.

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