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US News: Kazakhstan-of "strategic sites" are under control after the violence

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev Receiving the Security Council, Tokayev with

 Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev Receiving the Security Council, Tokayev with Trucks - Reuters - Stringer Military trucks are seen near the office of the mayor during events triggered by the increase in the price of fuel, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the January 5, 2022. Protesters took control of Almaty airport, the main city of Kazakhstan, Wednesday, January 5, while the government resignation did not appease the protest movement against rising fuel prices. in this country of Central Asia. In Kazakhstan, events rushed this Wednesday.

Kazakhstan-events / (photo): Kazakhstan-of "strategic sites" are under control after the violence

Almaty, January 9 (Reuters) - a number of "Strategic Sites" in Kazakhstan are under the control of the Military Alliance led by Russia to restore the Order, said Sunday the Office of the Presidency, while the country is confronted with the worst violence since its accession to the Independence Thirty years ago.

Dozens of people have been killed since the beginning of the demonstrations in the former Soviet Republic, while hundreds of protesters have been detained. Several public buildings have been burned.

Kazakhstan: a return to calm relative to Almaty after days of violence

 Kazakhstan: a return to calm relative to Almaty after days of violence © Reuters, Stringer A man walking in the streets of Almaty in Kazakhstan, on January 7, 2022. After two days of violence, a relative calm is Income in Kazakhstan shaken by a challenge. The former President Kazakh Noursoultan Nazarbayev called the public to support the government to deal with this crisis. Since the beginning of the year, Kazakhstan faces, on its territory, to a large-scale sling triggered by an increase in the price of gas and which has led to a violent repression.

Friday, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassim-Jomart Tokayev, authorized the police to open fire without summons to put an end to the disorders generated by, what he called, "terrorists".

At the request of President Kassim-Jomart Tokayev, Moscow sent troops to help Kazakh power restore order under the Organization of the Collective Safety Treaty (OTSC), which binds Russia, Armenia , Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

"A number of strategic sites have been placed under the protection of the Peacekeeping Quota of the OTSC Member States," the Office of the Presidency said, without specifying the sites concerned.

The Kazakh authorities indicated that 5,800 people were arrested in connection with the violence, including a "significant number" of foreigners.

They ensure that the situation is stabilized in all regions.

Violent events erupted this week in Kazakhstan on inflation background and rising energy prices.

The Kazakh authorities announced Saturday the arrest of Karim Massimov, former head of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan, for a suspicion of treason. (Reporting Gabrielle Tetrarrault-Farber, French version Matthieu Protard)

military alliance among Russia's leadership attracts last units from Kazakhstan from .
more than two weeks after the violent protests in Kazakhstan, the military alliance of OVKS stated by Russia has deducted its last units from the country. This reported several Russian news agencies on Wednesday, citing the Head of Mission, Andrej Serdjukov. "The peacekeeping operation" is now completed, Serdjukov said. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan raised the admission state.

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