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US News: Lauterbach: Other corona measures needed

Karl Lauderbach warns of Omikron wave: "In very, very in concern for the unvaccinated«

 Karl Lauderbach warns of Omikron wave: Omikron spreads freely fast - but the train for Unstopped was not left, says Health Minister Lauterbach. Even a first vaccination significantly reduce the risks of infection. © Kay Nietfeld / DPA The RKI is currently reporting a slow increase in new infections, but the experts are largely agreed that the infection events can dramatically change when the infectious omikron variant of the Coronavirus prevails. Currently, the number of infections with the mutant doubles about every four days.

waistband and countries had agreed on Friday a 2G plus scheme for restaurants, cafes and pubs. Accordingly, only vaccinated and geneses with negative Corona test as well as people with refresh vaccination have access. The quarantine for contact persons and the insulation for infected are shortened so that important infrastructures do not collapse with a rapid spread of the omikron variant.

  Lauterbach: Weitere Corona-Maßnahmen nötig © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

on the question of whether sometime only people with booster vaccine could have access to the gastronomy, said Lauterbach: "No, so that does not necessarily say that because we can take other measures. But I think it's important, first of all, to give the measures that we have took a chance to give a chance. "The citizens would have a little bit in their hands. "The more boomed we have in society, the harder it is for Omikron to build a strong wave."

Corona Vaccination: Breakdown in Hannover - 42 children receive a dose of adults

 Corona Vaccination: Breakdown in Hannover - 42 children receive a dose of adults In a vacuum center in Hanover, several children have been immunized with the concentration for adults against the coronavirus. The authorities want to determine immediately as it could come. © Christoph Schmidt / DPA in the Vaccine Center at Zoo in Hannover have sprayed 42 boys and girls vaccine with the higher concentration for adults. For the children, the vaccine was intended for five to eleven-year-olds, as a spokeswoman of the Hanover region announced on Monday.

of course it is so, "that we - if we have to get a big wave - continue," Stressed Lauterbach. "Aisage would be too risky."

It is expected that the omikron variant of the coronavirus leads to high infection numbers and many also need to be quarantined as contact persons. In order for public life not collapsing, the federal and state countries had agreed on Friday to shorten the quarantine and isolation more infected.

After the change, contact persons need no longer in quarantine if they have a refresh vaccination, freshly doubled, vaccinated and recovered or fresh. As "fresh", a period of up to three months is valid. For all the other insulation or quarantine usually ends after ten days. After seven days, one can also be freed with PCR or antigen test. So far, for contact persons of a person infected with Omikron, a strict quarantine of 14 days, Frostest is not possible.

Lauterbach also repeated in the broadcast, he is for a vaccination obligation. "With the vaccination obligation we can end the spook," says Lauterbach. He emphasizes the long-term benefits of such a duty. "The Omikron wave can not be terminated with the vaccination requirement. But we could achieve that we are not in the same problem in autumn, "says the SPD politician.

"Worked well": Gebauer praises new Lollitest Procedure .
despite many breakdowns The strongly increased Corona infection numbers after the Christmas holidays employ the school committee on Wednesday in North Rhine-Westphalian Landtag. Minister of Education Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) reports about the current situation in the pandemic. © DPA Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) In the school committee session First, Gebauer carries the numbers: 2.9 percent of the students could not participate in the lessons last week, which was a slight increase compared to the previous w

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