US News: USA-A fire in a New York building is 19 dead

The expected snow in the savory after the Colorado

 The expected snow in the savory after the Colorado © Getty Images North America / AFP D e strong snowfall should bring a reside on Friday in the American State of Colorado, where fires powered by violent winds have caused the destruction of hundreds of houses and forced tens of thousands of people to flee. The American Meteorological Service (NWS) has placed part of this mountainous state of the West under winter storm alert, providing for significant snowfall in the coming days.

New York-Fire / Bronx (photo, TV): USA-a fire in a New York building is 19 dead

New York, January 10 (Reuters) - A fire killed Sunday 19 people, including nine children, and made dozens wounded in the New York district of the Bronx, reported the municipal authorities.

The Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, confirmed the disaster assessment that declared around 11:00 am local time (16:00 GMT).

The fire was triggered by the dysfunction of extra heating and produced a large smoke that spread in the 19 storeys of a residential building.

"It's a huge tragedy," wrote Eric Adams on Twitter. "Join your prayers to mine for those we have lost, including these nine innocent lives that have been shortened."

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 South Africa: the devastating fire in Parliament resumes after an lodging the flames that have taken up more beautiful Monday afternoon. A thick cloud of smoke escapes the roofs of the imposing building. © Supplied by FranceInfo This is one of the worst possible scenarios: after having controlled the violent fire that declared itself on Sunday , ravaging the South African Parliament in Cape Town, the firefighters struggle again on foot with the flames who took over more beautiful Monday, January 3 in the afternoon.

The Twin Parks North West building, which houses moderate rent apartments, has 120 apartments, according to Daniel Nigro, the City of New York Fire Department Commissioner.

The smoke caused by the fire spread throughout the building and many people were addicted. "Firefighters have discovered victims on all floors," said Daniel Nigro.

The building did not include emergency exits and residents were obliged to evacuate the building by the stairs. "Some could not escape because of the smoke," said Daniel Nigro.

About 200 firefighters took part in emergency operations, Eric Adams said. "I want to thank them for playing their lives to save others," he added.

This catastrophe is likely to engage questions on safety standards in the social housing of the city.

This is the second deadly fire in a residential complex in the United States this week, after twelve people, including eight children, were killed Wednesday in a moderate rent housing building in Philadelphia. (Report Maria Caspani, Gabriella Belter, Eric Beech, Michael Martina, Alexandra Ulmer, Doina Chiacu, Katharine Jackson, and Lloyd Mitchell, written by Gabriella Borter and Alexandra Ulmer; French version Camille Raynaud)

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