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US News: Kazakhstan: Nearly 8000 arrests after riots, the Russian intervention "soon" finished

What is OTSC, the military alliance that allows Russia to intervene in Kazakhstan?

 What is OTSC, the military alliance that allows Russia to intervene in Kazakhstan? © Via Reuters - Collective Security Treaty Organ Russian paratroopers board for Kazakhstan on a military base near Moscow, January 6, 2022. Since Thursday, Russian troops are hurried to Kazakhstan at the request of the Government of Kazakhstan. Framework of the OTSC Defense Mechanism, the Organization of the Collective Safety Treaty, a kind of "mini-NATO" under Russian influence. Explanations.

Almaty (Kazakhstan), ce lundi. Le drapeau kazakh est en berne sur le bâtiment de la mairie en partie détruit. Reuters/Pavel Mikheyev © Pavel Mikheyev Almaty (Kazakhstan), this Monday. The Kazakh flag is in Bern on the building of the town hall partly destroyed. Reuters / Pavel Mikheyev Nearly 8000 people were arrested after a week of riots in Kazakhstan, announces Monday the government. They have been marked by an implacable repression, which made dozens of

video deaths: in Kazakhstan, what images show riots and their repression (the world)

. "As of January 10, 7939 individuals are held by the (Ministry) organs of the Interior," said the authorities. A day of national mourning is organized while the exact balance sheet of the violence remains unknown. Despite this of a return to a form of normality, public transport is visible on the roads of the city. This is the first time since the beginning of the violence, according to the correspondents of the AFP on the spot. The Internet is also accessible after off-cut days in Almaty, the economic capital of this country of Central Asia where the disorders were the most violent. A protest movement began on January 2 in western Kazakhstan in the wake of a drastic increase in fuel prices. The protests degenerated in the following days to Almaty in chaotic riots marked by fire exchanges, the rampage of public buildings and the looting of businesses. President Tokayev denounces a "attempted attempt" Kazakhstan presented the violence in Almaty as an attack of "terrorist groups" and expressed dissatisfaction with the coverage of events by the international media. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms Monday that they created "the false impression that the Kazakhstan government has taken place at peaceful protesters. Our security forces faced violent crowds that committed acts of shameless terror. " These disorders, the worst since the independence of Kazakhstan to the fall of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) just 30 years ago, led the President of the country, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to request the military support of The organization of the Collective Safety Treaty (OTSC), driven by Moscow, the Russian capital. Russia has deployed troops as part of a multinational contingent of former Soviet republics. A videoconferencing meeting of the heads of state of the members of the organization, including the Russian Vladimir Putin, was organized on Monday. On this occasion, President Tokayev assured that the deadly riots were a "attempt at coup" led by "armed fighters". He asserted that his forces would not fire "never" on peaceful protesters. "Groups of armed fighters waiting for their moment came into action. Their main objective appeared clearly (...) It was a coup attempt. Russia will not tolerate "revolution" he also assured that the Russian military mission is about "soon" ending. "Very soon, the anti-terrorist operation of magnitude will end and with it will end the effective and successful mission of the quota" of the OTSC. He stated that 2030 men were deployed as part of this mission after his call for help. Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, also felt that Kazakhstan was targeted by "international terrorism". "Once the contingent has fulfilled his duties, he will withdraw from Kazakhstan's territory," he said. He then warned that Moscow will not tolerate "colorful revolutions" in ex-USSR, recurring formula to describe revolts orchestrated by the West, according to Russia, in ex-Soviet countries.

military alliance among Russia's leadership attracts last units from Kazakhstan from .
more than two weeks after the violent protests in Kazakhstan, the military alliance of OVKS stated by Russia has deducted its last units from the country. This reported several Russian news agencies on Wednesday, citing the Head of Mission, Andrej Serdjukov. "The peacekeeping operation" is now completed, Serdjukov said. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan raised the admission state.

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