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US News: Carlyle launches an OPA to remove the Actions from the

biden calls the Ukrainian president after warning Putin against an invasion

 biden calls the Ukrainian president after warning Putin against an invasion © - the American President Joe Biden during an exchange with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Wilmington, in Delaware, December 30, 2021 US President Joe Biden will call on Sunday his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, a few days later with Vladimir Putin, accused of massaging troops at the Russian-Ukrainian border for a possible invasion.

Carlyle lance une OPA pour retirer les actions Envea de la cote Cote © Pixabay Carlyl launches an OPA to remove the actions from the CARLYLE Group rating, which has 80% of the capital of the French company Videa, launched a OPA to start a process of withdrawal from the Parisian rating.

The vice is tightening. The American investment fund CARLYLE GROUP intends to withdraw from the scaled French company specializing in the monitoring of air quality, after an OPA whose project was filed on Monday, January 10 with the Financial Market Authority (AMF). Carlyle Group owns more than 80% of the capital's capital, via the Company's global company he controls, since an agreement spent in July 2020.

Israel: vaccinated tourists may relax in the country

 Israel: vaccinated tourists may relax in the country in the middle of the Omikron wave Israel loosen its entry restrictions. From 9 January, the coronavirus vaccinated tourists are allowed to enter vaccinated tourists. However, a restriction applies.

According to the Purchase Offer project (OPA) filed, Global undertakes to acquire all the actions of agreement that it does not currently hold, "representing 18.06% of the capital". The proposed price per share is 175 euros. The transaction was 53.3 million euros, according to a calculation of AFP. In 2020, Carlyle had already disbursed 180.67 million euros to acquire the company.

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to a mandatory withdrawal of the

rating if, at the end of the OPA, Videa Global holds more than 90% of the capital The company intends to initiate a mandatory withdrawal process of the Cote Paris of the remaining shares of the Company. Worthy manufactures air quality monitoring tools, emissions and monitoring of industrial processes. It ensures that the management of the parent company and its subsidiaries will not be modified at the end of the operation.

Conflict in Ukraine: Russia and Westerners at a finger of relaxation .
© Via Reuters Ukrainian soldiers and their BM-21 "Grad" rocket launches train in the Kherson area in Ukraine. Ukrainian Defense Ministry / Handout Via Reuters Tensions continue to exacerbate between Russia and the United States around the Ukrainian question, despite attempts to relax the martial atmosphere. Joe Biden, the US president, currently probe his allies to ensure their determination.

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