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US News: new head of government in Kazakhstan appointed

What is OTSC, the military alliance that allows Russia to intervene in Kazakhstan?

 What is OTSC, the military alliance that allows Russia to intervene in Kazakhstan? © Via Reuters - Collective Security Treaty Organ Russian paratroopers board for Kazakhstan on a military base near Moscow, January 6, 2022. Since Thursday, Russian troops are hurried to Kazakhstan at the request of the Government of Kazakhstan. Framework of the OTSC Defense Mechanism, the Organization of the Collective Safety Treaty, a kind of "mini-NATO" under Russian influence. Explanations.

Kazakhstan has a new Prime Minister after days of tangles. Parliament voted unanimously to Alichan Smailov, who has already held the post transition for a good of a week.

Das kasachische Parlament in Nur-Sultan (Archivbild) © Vladislav VODNEV / Sputnik / DPA / Picture Alliance The Kazakh parliament reported in Nur-Sultan (archive image)

as government television, President Kassymt Tokayev proposed the 49-year-old shortly before the Office of Prime Minister. In the oil and gas-rich ex-Soviet republic, which borders, among other things, in Russia, initial displeasure was turned over increased fuel prices over the past few days in protests against governance. In addition to peaceful demonstrations, there were also violent riots, especially in the measuring city of Almaty. In the episode of the protests, Tokayev dismissed the previous government.

Already more than 5000 arrests for protests in Kazakhstan

 Already more than 5000 arrests for protests in Kazakhstan more than 5,000 people have been arrested in connection with the violent protests in Kazakhstan so far. Overall, 5135 people have been set, Kazakh media reported on Sunday, citing the Ministry of Interior. Accordingly, the ministry appreciated around 175 million euros. More than 100 shops and banks were looted and more than 400 vehicles were destroyed. © Alexandr Bogdanov More than 5000 people have been arrested in connection with the violent protests in Kazakhstan so far.

Tokayev also asked a military alliance led by Russia in view of the riots. The recently arrived soldiers of the Alliance are to leave Kazakhstan after the words tokayevs but already this week again. In two days, the deduction should start gradually, said the head of state in a speech in parliament. "The main mission of the OVKS troops is complete."


The member states of the "Organization of the Treaty on Collective Security (OVKS)" had advised on Monday on the situation in the Central Asian country. Tokayev explained: "In Kazakhstan, the full order is restored." He described the riots as "the attempt of a coup d'étea."

Video: Tote at protests in Kazakhstan (Puls24)

After the Please Tokajews For help, the organization had sent thousands of soldiers, including Russian paratroopers. This triggered concern in the west. Russia's head of state Wladimir Putin had emphasized at the beginning of the week, the use was only temporary and not long. In addition to Russia and Kazakhstan, the Alliance also includes Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Kazakhstan-of "strategic sites" are under control after the violence

 Kazakhstan-of Kazakhstan-events / (photo): Kazakhstan-of "strategic sites" are under control after the violence Almaty, January 9 (Reuters) - a number of "Strategic Sites" in Kazakhstan are under the control of the Military Alliance led by Russia to restore the Order, said Sunday the Office of the Presidency, while the country is confronted with the worst violence since its accession to the Independence Thirty years ago.

Almost 10,000 arrests

The violent protests in Kazakhstan were arrested after recent information of the Ministry of Interior 9900 persons . The balance of the victims is further unclear. Media had also reported on Sunday with the Ministry of Health from at least 164 dead . However, the Ministry of Information moved back the message later. Among the security forces, according to Tokajev there was 16 dead and more than 1600 injured. The number of civilian dead will be "currently reviewed". The president had given an shooting command given the unprecedented crisis on Friday. On Monday he emphasized, on peaceful demonstrators, the security forces of his country would "never shoot".

experts assume that the President uses the crisis to demonstrate his predecessor, the former long-term headquarters Nursultan Nazarbajev. Nazarbajew was continued after his resignation in 2019 as the most powerful man in Kazakhstan. Tokajew recently decided to the post as a boss of the influential security council and released several of his familiar from important offices.

The Russian troops deployed to Kazakhstan for a "limited period", ensures Vladimir Putin

 The Russian troops deployed to Kazakhstan for a of the Russian troops of "peacekeeping" were sent last week in Kazakhstan, prey to riots. View on Euronews © Alexei Nikolsky / Sputnik President Putin during a videoconferencing of the organization of the collective security treaty (January 10, 2021) The flags were placed in Bern in Kazakhstan on Monday, declared day of mourning national By power after the riots that have made dozens of deaths and more than a thousand wounded, the exact number of victims remaining blurred.

China strengthens Russia and Kazakhstan Meanwhile, China stood at the suppression of riots in Kazakhstan on the side of Russia and the leadership of Kazakhstan. The People's Republic of Parts The Assessment of the Kazakh President that the cause of the riots are terrorist activities, Chinese state media reported a telephone conversation between Foreign Minister Wang Yi with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The two neighboring countries Kazakhstan should "resist the interference of external forces in the internal affairs of Central Asian Countries" and prevent "color revolutions" and the "three evil powers" chaos. The leadership in Beijing defines the "three evil powers" as religious extremism, territorial separatism and violent terrorism and has referred to them as the cause of instability in the province of Xinjiang.

also the government in Moscow makes foreign forces responsible for the riots at the southern neighbor. President Vladimir Putin said the military alliance OVKS will not allow it to come to an

"colored revolution" . He took up relation to elevations in other ex-Soviet republics, such as the "Orange Revolution" 2013/14 in Ukraine.

Kle / SE (DPA, AFP, RTR)

military alliance among Russia's leadership attracts last units from Kazakhstan from .
more than two weeks after the violent protests in Kazakhstan, the military alliance of OVKS stated by Russia has deducted its last units from the country. This reported several Russian news agencies on Wednesday, citing the Head of Mission, Andrej Serdjukov. "The peacekeeping operation" is now completed, Serdjukov said. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan raised the admission state.

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