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for Olivier Véran, January will be the month of double threat Omicron-Delta

 for Olivier Véran, January will be the month of double threat Omicron-Delta © Thibault Camus Olivier Véran in front of the Assembly on December 29th. It is the return of classes for Olivier Véran and the mission of the day was to be precise. After a disaster communication from the government in recent hours and an update of the health protocol with a series of new measures without clear and accessible explanations, the Minister of Health was the Guest of France Inter This Monday morning to take stock of the epidemic.

The new Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel sees the rise in inflation rates with concern and promises a strong commitment to a stable currency.

Jens Weidmann (r.), Präsident der Deutschen Bundesbank, und das damalige Vorstandsmitglied Joachim Nagel im Februar 2016 vor der Bundesbank-Zentrale in Frankfurt am Main. © Arne Dedert / dpa Jens Weidmann (r.), President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, and the former board member Joachim Nagel in February 2016 the Bundesbank headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

He saw "currently rather the risk that inflation could stay longer increases expected to be present," Nagel said Tuesday at a transmitted on the internet celebration of the inauguration of predecessor Jens Weidmann. The medium-term prospective outlook is "exceptionally uncertain". Nagel pointed to the address of the European Central Bank: "For all the uncertainty, one thing is clear: If it requires price stability, the Governing Council must act and adapt its monetary policy stance."

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 Assault Capitol: Trump Renounces Express January 6 If it prefers to stay silent until January 15th, the business of Donald Trump turns full, like here in his own Trump store Tower in Manhattan, Tuesday.

In recent months, inflation rates have risen sharply. In Germany, consumer prices were in December by 5.3 percent above the level of the previous month. Thus, inflation in Europe's largest economy reached its highest level since June 1992. In the euro area as a whole, inflation reached 5 percent, the highest level since the euro was introduced.

Higher inflation weakens the purchasing power of consumers, because they can buy one euro less than before. Critics accuse the ECB of stoking inflation with its ultra-loose monetary policy, including billions in bond purchases, which they really want to keep in check. The central bank aims to 2 percent inflation and is temporarily willing to accept a moderate above or below that mark.

"People in Germany expect, rightly, that the Bundesbank is an audible voice of the stability culture," Nagel said. "I can assure you: They will remain so."

What is OTSC, the military alliance that allows Russia to intervene in Kazakhstan?

 What is OTSC, the military alliance that allows Russia to intervene in Kazakhstan? © Via Reuters - Collective Security Treaty Organ Russian paratroopers board for Kazakhstan on a military base near Moscow, January 6, 2022. Since Thursday, Russian troops are hurried to Kazakhstan at the request of the Government of Kazakhstan. Framework of the OTSC Defense Mechanism, the Organization of the Collective Safety Treaty, a kind of "mini-NATO" under Russian influence. Explanations.

predecessor Weidmann had repeatedly made statements critical of the ultra-loose monetary policy. Especially the bond purchases saw Weidmann with skepticism and warned that the ECB must not make them dependent on cheap money to governments. On Tuesday, he recognized that monetary policy was never fully emerged from the crisis mode: "The permanent state of emergency has left its mark. The coordinate system has shifted. "

ECB President Christine Lagarde assured at the official exchange ceremony: "We are aware that rising prices many people share concerns, and we take these concerns very seriously. People can rest assured that we hold steadfastly to our price stability objective. " The Governing Council stand united behind this objective.

"stability-oriented monetary policy"

The traffic light coalition appointed the 55-year-old economist nail after the 53-year-old Weidmann had delivered prematurely after ten years the office for personal reasons at the end of last year. Nagel worked from 1999 already for many years at the Bundesbank, most recently as Executive Board. After a stint in the state development bank KfW He previously worked at the Bank for International Settlements.

Haiti. Six months after the death of the president, the hint roams around the power

 Haiti. Six months after the death of the president, the hint roams around the power © Richard Pierrin - AFP The Prime Minister and Acting State, Ariel Henry, promised Justice but landed the prosecutor. Six months after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moses, the Survey Patina. But the relations between one of the main suspects as a Cavale and the current Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, refocate surface. Difficult to say whether the horizon clears or darkens in the survey on the assassination, on July 7th, the President of Haiti .

Finance Minister Christian Lindner expressed his conviction that nail will be at the Bundesbank for a course of policy continuity. "Stability-oriented monetary policy is precisely in these times of high importance."

Nagel said in his inaugural speech also in favor of taking financial risks in the monetary policy of climate change and policy more into view, such as the valuation of assets, the banks deposit as collateral, or the purchase of securities. Also, ECB President Lagarde wants to give greater weight to the climate change in monetary policy.

A speedy shift towards higher interest rates in Germany savers but should peak Bundesbank does not expect after the change at the. Nagel in the Governing Council as the representatives of the other 18 euro countries only one vote - even though Germany is Europe's largest economy. And the top decision-making body of the central bank's loose monetary policy has many advocates. The first monetary policy meeting of the Governing Council in the new year is scheduled for 3 February.

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