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US News: Preferred Paris in Limoges and Strasbourg for the installation of the press house

Strasbourg, never-seen since 1978!

 Strasbourg, never-seen since 1978! © provided by What to allow them to point to the foot of the podium. Strasbourg is one of the teams in the form of the moment. Visiting Clermont in the 19th day late match, the Alsatians confirmed their good pass by winning 2-0 in Auvergne. A victory that allows them to emaricate at the foot of the podium in the ranking with 35 points to the counter. Thanks to this success, the men of Julien Stephan have also chained a third victory outside.

C'est donc Paris qui a été choisie pour l'implantation de la maison du dessin de presse. © Joël Saget / AFP It is therefore Paris that has been chosen for the establishment of the house of the press drawing.

Three cities, Paris, Strasbourg and Limoges, were in the running to welcome a new international house drawing and satirical design, whose principle was announced by Emmanuel Macron , two years ago. Tuesday, January 11, the anniversary of the huge walking organized after the attacks at Charlie Hebdo and the hyper casker of Vincennes in 2015, the Presidency of the Republic said that the site would open " by two to two to Three years , "in Paris.

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B & B Hotels still invited!

 B & B Hotels still invited! © Provided by Cycling - Paris-Roubaix: The B & B Hotels-KTM team again guest There will be six French teams from Paris-Roubaix, on April 17.

" It is in this city that the attack took place, where there are many titles of Press and Schools of Journalism », advance the entourage of the President, who also puts forward reasons for justifying his choice. The future home should indeed be held in an old school of life arrondissement, made available by the municipality. "With this location, there will be something to imagine synergies with the School of Fine Arts in Paris, the BNF or the Louvre, located not far from the building" , do we continue in the entourage of Emmanuel Macron .

according to the latter, the nomination of Strasbourg was not advanced enough to be retained and would have required 8 million euros of investment. As for Limoges, which provided for a house accompanying the International Caricature, Press and Humor Fair for more than thirty years in Saint-Just-Le-Martel, located 10 kilometers away, it probably did the costs of its relative remoteness of the capital.

Tribute to the victims of "Charlie Hebdo" and the hyper hide, seven years after

 Tribute to the victims of © Christophe Archambault / Pool / AFP The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin and the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo rendered Friday a sober tribute To the victims of Jihadist attacks against the weekly "Charlie Hebdo" and the Hyper Hide store in Paris, seven years after the attacks. The same ceremony was repeated three times, like every year.

"We are stunned" by so many " contempt and injustice " commented on Saint-Just-le-Martel, in a statement. Contesting a decision falling opposite "Cultural Outreach", Saint-Just perceives the presidential decision as " a slap to the 250 designers who come to the festival every year ".

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referred to an assumed Jacobinism, the Élysée indicates that broad consultation was held upstream the choice of the site. As early as 2007, Georges Wolinski , had pleaded for a place dedicated to the press drawings, a project taken after his assassination by his wife Maryse . Two prefiguration missions were launched by the government, to study the location of the house, as well as the cost of the work. Several personalities and designers organizations, including Cartooning for Peace, have also been consulted. On social networks, the designer Xavier Gorce , had declared in favor of the capital, for practical and symbolic reasons.

The rare opportunity to afford a house in the heart of the island Saint-Louis

 The rare opportunity to afford a house in the heart of the island Saint-Louis © Coldwell Banker® Europa Realty is rare to be reported. An house is for sale on Saint-Louis Island, close to the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, in the heart of St. Louis Island (4th arrondissement). This real haven of peace, located on the Seine, upstream of the island of the city houses rather houses or private hotels. That's why the sale of a house in this neighborhood is a fact of the rarest. »Read also - Real Estate: The luxury remains a value Refuge This former retainer dates back 1640.

Since 2015, the security issue has been invited with acuity in the debate. We have known since the new place will be under surveillance, since possibly considered a terrorist target. "His exact title is not yet stopped, but he will not include the term caricature", is specifies to the Elysee.

The house is a place of exhibitions, meetings, pedagogy, or even refuge for persecuted designers in their countries. It will work in networks, particularly with the BNF, which retains many drawings archives, France with a long tradition of press caricatures. A national conservatory of the press should also open to Amiens, in 2028, which will house some funds from the BNF, and should work with the future home.

In the immediate future, two million euros released for the latter, and discussions are underway with the island of France region. "The place will be of modest size, 2000 square meters, and will work with a modest budget, about 2 million per year" finally specifies the Elysee.

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