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US News: Lead 1-GB-Johnson again weakened after a party full containment

Prince Charles hands hand to Harry one last time

 Prince Charles hands hand to Harry one last time © Aslan-Macault / Bestimage Prince Charles has a last time involved in the fight against climate change and the protection of the environment, the Prince Harry was greeted by his father, Prince Charles, during a speech on ecology. The exile of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would have weakened their family ties with members of the British monarchy.

GB-Policy / (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-GB-Johnson again weakened after a festival in confinement

(updated with Debate to municipalities)

by William James and Alistair Smout

London, 11 January (Reuters) - An "urgency" debate was held on the British Parliament to ask Prime Minister Boris Johnson for explanations on an alcoholic party who would Holding in the garden of his residence of 10, Downing Street in May 2020, while the country was confined to fight against the pandemic of Covid-19.

Depending on the ITV channel, the invitation "Bring your alcohol (" booze ")" was sent by email to a hundred people by the personal secretary of Boris Johnson, Martin Reynolds, and the party brought together about forty guests, The head of the Government, on May 20, 2020, while schools, pubs and restaurants were closed in Britain and that relatives of hospitalized patients of COVID could not usually be at their bedside at the time of their death.

Turkish students facing justice for protested against the appointment of a pro-Erdogan rector

 Turkish students facing justice for protested against the appointment of a pro-Erdogan rector © AFP - Ozan Kose The trial of 14 students opened this Friday, January 7, 2022 before a court of Istanbul, in Turkey. These students had participated in demonstrations against the appointment of a rector close to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the head of the University of Bosphorus, a renowned public institution, almost one year ago.

This reception, of which Martin Reynolds stated that it would respect the social distancing measures, awakens the echo of the vivid controversy caused by the diffusion of a video showing employees of 10, downing street joking on a Christmas party. It was held in 2020, when the British were again subject to sanitary restrictions.

In front of these repeatedly embarrassing rehearsal revelations, which annoyed into the Conservative camp, the Labor opposition leader, Keir Starmer, said Boris Johnson no longer had the moral authority to lead the country.

Conservatives do not mobilize

"If the prime minister violated the law, he will resign, was not it?", Asked the Ben Bradshaw Labor member in Michael Ellis, "Paymaster General", departmental post. Scalable, sitting alone on the government's bench to respond instead of Boris Johnson.

Italy ready to Greece a fragment of the Friesland of Parthenon for at least 8 years

 Italy ready to Greece a fragment of the Friesland of Parthenon for at least 8 years Italy ready to Greece a fragment of the Friesland of Parthenon. This piece which represents a foot of Artemis, Greek goddess of the wilderness, hunting and deliveries, belonged to the part of the monument devoted to the gods of Olympus.

"The Prime Minister does not go anywhere," replied Michael Ellis under the hours of Labor deputies, while providing unreserved excuses for the controversy of these new accusations against Boris Johnson.

Only a handful of Conservative members participated in the debate and few of them expressed their support for the chief of government.

several British were sued for organizing holidays at the time when the "Beer Party" was held in the Prime Minister's residence and the London Police, who had hitherto abstaining to investigate On the subject, said Monday contacted the cabinet Office, one of the executive bodies, to determine whether the health laws had been raped in 10, downing street.

The services of Boris Johnson have not yet reacted to ITV revelations. The Prime Minister had declared last month to Parliament that the health rules had always been respected during receptions, while at least five holidays are currently under an internal investigation.

"Has the Prime Minister attended this event in the Downing Street gardens on May 20, 2020?", Asked for the number two of Labor, Angela Rayner, during the debate to the municipalities. "If the Prime Minister was present, he certainly knows." (Report of Alistair Smout and William James, written by Guy Faulconbridge, French version Tangi Salaün and Bertrand Boucey, edited by Sophie Louet)

Party scandal: Tory MPs are preparing confidence vote against Boris Johnson before .
Because in the ranks of the British Conservative Party is growing because of the scandal surrounding parties on the seat of government opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to the latest revelations to 20 Conservative MP had met to discuss before a parliamentary questioning of the prime minister on Wednesday by a vote of no confidence against Johnson, the "Times" reported. © AP British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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