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US News: The Kenya hangs its flights with Dubai

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 Isolation in Dubai: Zagadou must wait for the number six The start of the new year is not really good for Dan-Axel Zagadou: The defender is missing in Frankfurt's prelude. © Imago Images / Rhr-Photo Dan-Axel Zagadou has to watch against Frankfurt. Dortmund must refrain from the center defenders On 6 November 2021 Zagadou returned to the square after almost nine months after almost nine months, at which 1: 2 defeat in Leipzig he celebrated his comeback. Now the central defender of the BVB has to be patient.

Vue de l'aéroport international Jomo Kenyatta à Nairobi. (image d'illustration) © Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP seen from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. (Illustration image)

In Kenya, the Civil Aviation Authority announced, on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, suspend all passenger flights from Dubai. A reprisal measure while since the end of December, the United Arab Emirates have temporarily put an end to the passenger flights from Kenya on the back of suspicion of fake covid test traffic.

with our correspondent in Nairobi, Florence Morice

The suspension measure took effect on Monday at midnight, according to the Director General of Kenyan Civil Aviation and it must last seven days. It concerns all passenger flights from the United Arab Emirates, including transit flights. However, it excludes freight flights, very regular between the two countries.

cruise ship breaks journey for corona cases from

 cruise ship breaks journey for corona cases from the cruise ship «My ship 6» The shipping company Tui Cruises breaks off his current journey in Dubai. "Background are scattered cases of Covid-19 on board, which were detected during the journey. As a pure precautionary measure and the protection of guests and crew, TUI Cruises has now decided to take this short break, "it said in the night on Monday from the company based in Hamburg. © Socrates Baltagiannis / DPA / archive image passengers are on board the cruise ship.

The Kenyan authorities do not hide it, it is a measure of "reciprocity", not to say "reprisals". Last week the United Arab Emirates have indeed renewed their suspension of all flights from Kenya, in effect for three weeks now. What irritates Nairobi.

Negative passengers tested Positive

Dubai justifies its measure by the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Kenya. But also by the fact that several travelers from Nairobi presenting negative test results had been tested positive upon arrival in Dubai. What to feed the suspicion around a possible False Covid test traffic. The Kenyan Ministry of Health has also announced an investigation to see more clearly. Several private laboratories of the capital have also ceased to issue certificates for travelers.

The Kenyan economy has suffered a lot of restrictions on current travel in the world since the beginning of the pandemic and has repeatedly protested against unilateral measures concerning access to Kenya imposed without consultation by third countries.

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