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US News: Earl Swivey: Death of the American rapper at the age of 26

"I saw the death": Philippe Katerine evokes the Opening Heart operation that he suffered at 8 years in aparté (VIDEO)

 © Capture Canal + "I saw death": Philippe Katerine evokes the open-heart operation he has suffered 8 years in aparté (VIDEO) guest from on a couplet on Canal + on Tuesday, January 4th, Philippe Katerine spoke of the operation with open heart he has undergone child and who earned him death. Philippe Katerine is a particularly eccentric actor and singer. The one who received an Caesar for his role in the large bath is currently on the test alongside Alexandra Lam Y .

Earl Swavey : mort du rappeur américain à l'âge de 26 ans © Instagram Earl Swodey Earl Swivey: Death of the American rapper at the age of 26 The agent of the artist Earl Swodey, rapper from Los Angeles, confirmed his death this beginning of the week. He was 26 years old.

The world of American rap is mourning and shocking the terrible news. Earl Swivey, the protected from the US Protector has $ AP yams, died at the age of 26. This is the American media Pitchfork which announced the drama this Monday, January 10, quickly confirmed by the agent of the artist, followed by 23,000 subscribers on Instagram. However, the causes of his death are still unknown.

Earl Swivey, 50 cent fan, had made known with the title beef

from Los Angeles, the young man, following the path traced by his brother and his cousin in the rap , was inspired by 50 hundred , his idol, but also Ti and Rick Ross rappers. Earl Swaney had released in 2013 his first mixtape: Business Before Pleasure (BBP). It is the Beef song that will draw the attention of the producer to $ AP yams, originally from Harlem and disappeared a few years ago: the title will launch the boy's career by opening the doors of L music industry. Earl Swivey reported in 2015 about his producer, who came to die from an overdose of medicines: " of all members of a $ AP, Yams was really like a brother for me. He sent me gifts. Christmas and always watched on my mother asking him if she needed something. I could call him at any time and he always answered, whatever happens. I definitely acquired a certain wisdom with him "

Peter Bogdanovich, the director of "Broadway Therapy", died at the age of 82 years

 Peter Bogdanovich, the director of © Gabriel Bouys / AFP American filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich. The American filmmaker, figure of the new Hollywood movement, Peter Bogdanovich, died Thursday, January 6. The causes of his death remain unknown for the moment. The American filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich , figure of the movement of the new Hollywood and director of the last session, died at the age of 82, announced Thursday, January 6 his agent.

with Earl Swivey, the list of young deceased rappers lie down

The young artist had released three projects in 2021: the dirtiest , unphuckwithable and gangland 4 . It was carried away in the flower of the age and comes to lengthen the recently disappeared young rappers list: the Swedish Einàr, killed by bullets at the age of 19 last October, Lil Loaded, taken to 20 years and whose causes of death were unveiled last June or Bobby Brown, former beautiful son of Whitney Houston died at only 28 years old. The disappearance of Earl Swodey has sparked the emotion in the community where some have paid tribute to him, such Vince Staples who tweeted: " rest in peace, the great Earl Swodey ".

New York: the debate on the insecurity restarted after the violent death of two women .
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