US News: Burkina Faso: Arrest of eight soldiers suspected of attempting

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Des soldats burkinabè, lors d'un entraînement au camp militaire de Kamboinse - Général Bila Zagre, près de Ouagadougo au Burkina Faso (image d'illustration). © AFP / Issouf Sanogo Soldiers Burkinabe, during a training at Kamboinse military camp - General Bila Zagre, near Ouagadougo in Burkina Faso ( Illustration image).

suspected of attempting to destabilize institutions, that is, coup d'etat, eight soldiers were arrested by the judicial military police, according to a military prosecutor's statement.

with our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya BOUDANI

According to the military prosecutor, it is one of the alleged group members who denounced the others. They are suspected of attempting to destabilize the institutions of the Republic, that is to say a coup attempt. The military judicial police opened an investigation to "elucidate" this case, according to the prosecutor.

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Thus since Saturday last 8 January several soldiers, presumed members of the band, were arrested and interviewed. Among these soldiers are Lieutenant-Colonel Emmanuel Zoungrana, Head of the Corps of the 12th Commando Infantry Regiment. He was the commander of the western sector forces group in the fight against terrorism.

The parquet is ensuring that the procedure will follow its course in strict compliance with the presumption of innocence and the right of defense.

According to a safe source, suspicions weighed against a group of people, including soldiers, since the March 27th march. These people would have planned an action of destabilizing power by taking advantage of the chaos that the manifestation would have begun.

But for the moment, there is no link between the interpellation of the eight military and those who wanted to take advantage of the march to destabilize the power, makes our source know.

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