US News: Residential Trend for Winter: Dark Country Style

Ullrich Against Diplomatic Boycott The Winter Games

 Ullrich Against Diplomatic Boycott The Winter Games Frank Ullrich opposes a diplomatic boycott of the Federal Government at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. © Provided by Ullrich against diplomatic boycott of winter games Frank Ullrich, new chairman of the sports committee in the Bundestag, speaks against a diplomatic boycott of the Federal Government at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing (4 to 20 February).

The Dark Country Style - also called Dark CottageCore - offers thanks to covered colors and cuddly elements perfect for the winter to

Der dunkle Landhausstil passt perfekt zur kalten Jahreszeit ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto The dark country house style fits perfectly to the cold season iStockphoto

The residential trend CottageCore will Also called farmcore or countrycore and now already refers to a very own lifestyle. This includes both fashion and living. At the CottageCore, it's basically the simplicity of country life and the whole aesthetics that brings this. In the living area, this is mainly wooden furniture, enchanted gardens, small houses, wild herbs and interior in a country house style. This whole trend was probably created as a counter reaction to the fast-lived society. The withdrawal in nature, Slow-Living, a departure of technology and the conscious life reflect the trend CottageCore.

Arminia Captain Prietl and the slow return after the infection

 Arminia Captain Prietl and the slow return after the infection with plenty of self-confidence in the luggage Arminia Bielefeld arrives on Saturday (15.30, live! At Kicker) at the SC Freiburg. However, some corona tension is always included. © Imago Images / Contrast will probably sit in Freiburg first on the bench: Bielefelds Captain Manuel Prietl. Bielefeld wants to continue the positive trend in Freiburg In Liga Comparison, Arminia Bielefeld has come to a reasonably glimpused in the course of the Corona pandemic.

In winter, Dark CottageCore is a trendy residential trend

If someone decides trend in his apartment or house for the Cottage Core, then a lot of wood can be seen. Colorful pillows, many plants and a charming atmosphere. The living trend CottageCore looks like a very lovely country house style with great attention to detail. With fresh flowers and bright colors this fits mainly in the spring and summer. But do not worry, even in winter, the trend is wonderful in their own four walls - with a small modification: Dark CottageCore. This variant of the country house style is a bit darker, cuddly and therefore suits the cold season.

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How to get the Dark CottageCore Hause

You want to bring Dark CottageCore to your own home? With a few matching accessories and accents, this goes in an instant! At Dark CottageCore, it's all about dark colors as gray, black, dark green, dark blue or bordeaux-red. Get pillows, blankets, bed linen, carpets or curtains in these colors home. With the seasonal change of textiles you can give your home - suitable for the season - again and again a new touch. In vases, cotton branches, moss or branches are very good. Anyone who wants to go straight to whole can also paint a wall in a dark hue. With a few beautiful lamps and numerous candles or even a great fireplace there will be a cuddly winter home.

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Your own four walls are retreat and recreational oasis at the same time. But those who want to feel comfortable all around, should do without this a color better © iStockphoto There is a hue that can beat in the winter in winter iStockphoto colors have a tremendous influence on our mood and our well-being. Therefore, it is also incredibly important to worry about which colors in their own four walls create a cozy flair and ensure a homely ambience.

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