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US News: How to make homemade walnut oil?

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Your garden houses a beautiful walnut and you do not know what to make berries that it produces in large quantities? This is an opportunity to make your own walnut oil! Here is the instructions for use.

The nut is a suitable hull fruit and consumed from antiquity. In the thirteenth century, its oil was considered a luxury dish that was also used in painting to bind colored pigments or fuel to illuminate large monuments and cathedrals.

What are the benefits of walnut oil?

Today, walnut oil continues to feast in cooking by giving us all its benefits. Rich in omega-3 , poly-unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, it is recommended to prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce cholesterol . This valuable mixure would also act on the nervous system and limit premature aging of skin cells. A real concentrated health of which it would be a shame to deprive yourself!

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How many nuts are needed to produce oil?

You should know that to obtain 1 liter of oil, it is necessary to harvest about 6 kg of walnuts.

In other words: 1.5 kg of nuts, allow to recover 500 g of walnut kernels and produce 20 to 25 cl of oil (it is the equivalent of a small bowl). Ready to try the experience? Follow our steps step by step.

Step 1: Open Nuts

This step is not complicated but particularly tedious. Get a case-nut, knife or hammer and recover the kernels (or flesh) contained in hulls. Remove them as and when in a large salad bowl, making sure to remove rotten and damaged fruits that could contaminate all walnuts.

  Comment faire de l'huile de noix maison ? © Provided by Current Women Melesz on Pixabay Step 2: Reduce the powdered nuts

In a second time, crushed the nuts (with a knife or the end of your fingers) then pour them into a mixer or use a pestle manual to reduce them coarsely powder.

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Step 3: Press the nuts

You know it, the traditional and ancestral method is at the mill ... not obvious to install at home! Fortunately, other less bulky utensils exist to squeeze nuts.

The ideal is to use a mechanical press for a cold pressing that will keep all the properties of the nuts. Fill completely and tackle the container of the press with your nut powder. Remove a container at the output to collect the oil and press it while turning the press of the press. Repeat the operation several times by adding your powder as and when you have extracted a maximum of oil. In general, small oil presss, inherited from grandparents, are not easy to find. Do not hesitate to tour the online resale sites that often focus on unusual objects. You can also opt for the purchase of an electronic oil extractor (or oil press) in the trade. This is in particular what the Klarstein brand offers for 150 € to 200 € depending on the model chosen.

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  Comment faire de l'huile de noix maison ? © Provided by Current Woman Olivia Oil Press - Klarstein

Plus The press is powerful, plus nuts will be effective and will allow you to extract more oil.

Good to know : Once the oil extracted, you will get on the other side a very compact mass of nut powder. Scratch it if needed and keep it in a hermetic jar (like a tea box) or in a food film to reuse it in your pastries or in salads.

Step 4: Filter the oil

The last step, consists of filtering the oil in order to obtain a smooth result by passing it through a sieve or a Chinese kitchen.

Keep your homemade oil in a small glass jar sheltered from the light to slow down the alteration of the oil and remove it into the fridge tray to keep it as long as possible! You will only have to use it to subtly decorate your salads , cakes and verrines .

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