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US News: Costa Concordia: ten years later, the sinking still haunts the survivors

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  Costa Concordia: dix ans après, le naufrage hante encore les survivants © AFP / Archives

U Mberto Trotté heard the terrified cries of his wife and his children and threw from Costa Concordia on a rescue canoe several meters below to join them.

"It was my instinct, my family needed me. I jumped up to 3-4 meters. I landed on a German, poor man," he told the AFP upstream of the 10th anniversary of the catastrophe.

The vast luxury cruise ship had failed at night in front of the island of Giglio, off Tuscany, in the midst of the icy waters on January 13, 2012. The final assessment was going up to 32 dead.

The trotted family hesitated to return Thursday on the island for a remembrance ceremony and a torchlight.

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Boat sirens and church bells will sound on the island at 21:45 (20:45 GMT) to commemorate the moment when the ship hit a reef.

umberto trotted, 44 years old, and her wife fjorda, 33 years old, returned on the spot a year after tragedy, but found this traumatic experience. The couple had chosen this cruise to celebrate their honeymoon with their two-year-old Francesca girl and their six months Carlo.

"It was supposed to be the best moment in our life," says Umberto. "Those who were not on board will never understand. I was shocked, I walked like a zombie".

The Concordia, which transported 4,229 people from some 70 countries, has failed as many passengers were dinner.

The commander of the Francesco Schettino ship, afterwards sentenced to 16 years in prison, was slow to ring the alarm and was also one of the first to leave the ship. People panicked when electricity was cut, plunging the boat into the dark.

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The evacuation started more than one hour after the collision, while at this stage all the rescue canoes located on one side of the vessel were unusable.

"Huge treason"

"We were saved by a cook coming from Como" in Lombardy (North), remembers Umberto Trotté, whose family was dinner at Ristorante Milano when the ship failed.

Paolo Maspero, who was still carrying his chef's toque, "took his son six months and (...) led us outside. The water was rising. If he had not come to our rescue , we would be dead, "says Trotti, who did not know how to swim.

On images filmed later by the coastguard, we can see divers looking for victims in the restaurant invaded by the waters.

Top on the bridge number 5, the antimo magnotta pianist fell from his stool when the boat suddenly leaning on the side. With other crew members, he found himself surrounded by terrorized passengers.

"A woman came to me with two young children. She was like a tigress, a lioness, she almost assaulted me. She told me: + You must tell me what to do to save my children +", Related to AFP Mr. Magnotta, author of a book entitled "The Pianist of Costa Concordia".

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Attempted to reassure passengers by telling them that the captain would make an ad. "I promised them. But Schettino never spoke. It was a huge betrayal".

The 51-year-old pianist finally managed to go down on one side of the ship, but two of his friends died that night.

The musician, with post-traumatic syndrome, then decided to move to London, where he found work as a server. Now he would like to come back to play for the inhabitants of the island of Giglio, but he does not succeed in forgiving in Schettino "never having said he was sorry".

The former captain was sentenced in 2015 for his responsibility in several homicides, the maritime accident as well as the abandonment of the vessel before all the passengers and the crew were evacuated.

He presented an appeal before the European Court of Human Rights and his lawyers should ask that year to the rest of his sentence for good conduct.

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