US News: election campaign in France: high pressure and water vapor

Why Masks FFP2 "Duck Beak" could be a late success in France

 Why Masks FFP2 © Andreas Gebert Archives, Reuters Most FFP2 masks are imported. This type of mask, more efficient, is mandatory in several European countries. In France, the demand progresses and the French sector is ready to answer it. She "is able to produce 20 million masks a week." Political and scientific figures claim generalization of the FFP2 mask port, proven as more efficient. The French sector is capable of producing 20 million masks per week. " What is a FFP2 mask? The FFP2 mask is a filter mask.

The presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse brings "the Kärcher back from the basement". And the company from Baden-Württemberg defends itself against political collection.

Die rechtskonservative Präsidentschaftskandidatin Valérie Pécresse will - zumindest rhetorisch - wieder mal den Kärcher © Pascal Guyot / AFP The Legal Conservative Presidential Candidate Valérie Pécresse wants - at least rhetorical - again the Kärcher high pressure and water vapor

The German Cleaning Device Factory Kärcher sees himself where Valérie Pécresse would like: "in the premier class". Pécresse enters the presidential election in April for France's right-hand conservative Républicains and is not close to the throne, but in second place two, sometimes in third place in the surveys, in any case always behind an official owner Emmanuel Macron. Kärcher, however, is currently promoting "the first high-pressure cleaner with app control", which brings a "superior cleaning experience", just "the royal class".

coronavirus in Île-de-France: a number of contaminations always more important to start the year

 coronavirus in Île-de-France: a number of contaminations always more important to start the year The transition to the year 2022 has been under the sign of record figures in Île-de-France for the virus © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP nearly 2,000 patients were admitted to the hospital because of COVID-19, according to Public health figures France Monday Covid-19 - The transition to the year 2022 was done Under the sign of record figures in Île-de-France for the virus The Covid-19 has only to make good wishes .

maybe it is due to this Kärcher's self-confidence that Pécresse has the cleaning device again rhetorically "from the basement", as she formulated it itself. Pécresse wants to "clean the suburbs with the Kärcher". An idea that actually comes from the political cellar or a long past era. In 2005, the later President Nicolas Sarkozy was still the Minister of Interior when he drove into a Parisian suburb and said a resident, one must remove "the scum with the Kärcher". Previously, an eleven-year-old child had been shot dead of drug dealers, a random and shocking victim of gang crime.

Kärcher does not want to be used for political purposes

17 years later, the bourgeois rights is evidently enthusiastic about the Kärcher metaphor and racism, who wants to play, if one wants to "thoroughly brush out". And the company Kärcher is still annoyed. Already in 2005, the company had complained from Baden-Württemberg, his name should not be prepared for political purposes. In 2017, Kärcher wrote letters to all presidential applicants in order to proceed that terms such as "Karchériser" or "carcharization", derivatives of "Kärchern", in political language. In 2021, the company turned large ads: "Kärcher wants to purify his name from politics," stood there. But the Républicains do not want to give up the memory of Sarkozy. And so Kärcher complained again on Tuesday: "The Kärcher brand is not a banner of any political party," writes the company.

Presidential 2022. Travel, Tractations, Desertion ... The echoes of the campaign

 Presidential 2022. Travel, Tractations, Desertion ... The echoes of the campaign © Archives West France, Vincent Mouchel Fabien Roussel, candidate of the Communist Party for the presidential election. Marine Le Pen will be, Friday, in the Côtes-d'Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine. Jean-Luc Mélenchon will be, Sunday, in Meeting in Nantes. Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon ... many candidates move to France, this week. Rendez-vous It was at 11:30, on Thursday, that the Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo presents his presidential program.

But presidential candidate Pécresse has others worried as the image of a high-pressure cleaner company. In France, more than 350,000 people with the coronavirus are currently infecting every day, and the health crisis displaces the election campaign from the media and the minds of the citizens. When Pécresse Sarkozy's Kärcher recycled, her after all, she was sure a few TV minutes. And for Kärcher, it was the opportunity to assume social responsibility. Among other things when cleaning public architectural monuments. In the coming months, for example, Kärcher will clean the obelisk on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Not with high pressure, but with water vapor. Kärcher is therefore first more sensitive than his reputation. And secondly, many French Sarkozy's Kärcher is more likely to associate with hot air because with high pressure. During his presidency from 2007 to 2012, Sarkozy saved thousands of police.

Berlusconi pulls candidacy back to Italian presidential election. .
Two days ago The presidential election in Italy ex-government leader Silvio Berlusconi has withdrawn from the race for the highest state office. With an online meeting with other right-directed top politicians, the 85-year-old said on Saturday, while he has chances of the office, but in the spirit of "national responsibility" he asked those who had prepared him for the election, his name of to delete the candidate list.

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