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US News: biden risks a fattening failure on its vast electoral reform

Assault of January 6th: Key points of the speech by biden

 Assault of January 6th: Key points of the speech by biden © AFP L E Chair Joe Biden marked Thursday the first anniversary of the assault against the Capitol, on January 6, 2021, with a very hard speech against Donald Trump , accusing his predecessor to be responsible for the disorders who have shaken American democracy. Here is his main statements: "armed insurrection" "For the first time in history, a president has not only lost an election, he tried to prevent a peaceful transfer of power," said Joe Biden .

  Biden risque un échec cuisant sur sa vaste réforme électorale © AFP

J OE biden, which already had to bury its promise of great renewal of the American welfare state, now risks to fail a vast electoral reform protecting the Access to African-American vote, after a Democratic Senator on the decisive vote was Thursday across his way.

The Democratic President joined little after 13:00 (18:00 GMT) the elected officials of his camp in Senate , to rally around his project.

even before leaving the White House, Kyrsten Sinema, Senator of Arizona, went up to the tribune and reduced, for the moment, any hope of passing this legislation presented as the heiress of the great Fights for civil rights of the 1960s.

The United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of

 The United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Missiles Russia-Ukraine-USA-Biden: the United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Missiles © Reuters / Handout States United ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Washington missiles - the United States and their allies are willing to discuss with Russia, as part of Talks on Ukraine, the possibility for each part of Restrict military activities and missile deployments in the region, said Saturday a senior official of the US President Joe Biden.

The elected, a centrist democrat, is not against the legislation itself. But it opposes the parliamentary procedure imagined by the Democrat Staff and the White House to blow up the Republican opposition lock. Without his voice, in a Senate where the Democratic Camp has 51 votes, and the Republicans 50, the project is condemned.

Joe Biden promised to protect access to the urns of minorities and the transparency of voting operations, facing a multitude of reforms committed by Conservative States, particularly in the south of the country.

NGOs ensure that these measures adopted by Republicans discriminate particularly on African Americans, which have largely voted for Joe Biden at the last election.

To damage, two texts - now merged into a - aim to harmonize the voting practices and to give the federal state a right to look at local initiatives.

Lead 1-EU will inflict fines in Poland for its Justice-SCES Reform

 Lead 1-EU will inflict fines in Poland for its Justice-SCES Reform EU-Poland / Justice (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-Eue will inflict fines in Poland for Its Reform of Justice-Sces (Updated with European Commissioner) by Gabriela Baczynska Brussels, 11 January (Reuters) - The European Union will ask Poland in the coming weeks to pay fines totaling about 70 million EUROS As Warsaw refuses to remove a disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court created as part of a reform of justice, has learned Reuters from informed sources.

Joe Biden believes that it is the achievements of the fight for the civil rights of the 1960s, detricted at the local level by the Republicans with the blessing of a supreme court become very conservative, and with the encouragement of Donald Trump which Continue to clamor without proof that the election of his successor is fraudulent.

To pass this law to the Senate, it would be necessary in theory 60 votes to comply with a very rooted parliamentary use. This "Filibuster rule", supposed to encourage moderation and dialogue beyond the partisan lines, gives a huge blocking power to the opposition, especially when the parliamentary force report is also tense that it is today HUI.

Already seen

Democrats have only one solution to save their electoral reform: breaking this parliamentary use and to force a simple majority.

It is from this passage in force that Kyrsten Sinema does not want. He would only feed the "Infernal Spiral of the Division," said the elected, in an extremely solemn intervention.

US Senate debates new sanctions against North Stream 2

 US Senate debates new sanctions against North Stream 2 Against the background of the Ukraine conflict, the US Senate has dealt with possible new sanctions against the controversial Baltic Sea Pipeline Nord Stream 2. Senators debated on Thursday for a bill submitted by the Republican Ted Cruz, which aims in particular on the operator company Nord Stream 2 AG. The text at the same time limits the powers of President Joe Biden to grant exceptions of sanctions under reference to national security interests.

That's, for Joe Biden, a painful air of already seen.

Since its inauguration or almost, it regularly stages on Kyrsten Sinema and another Democratian senator, Joe Manchin . These two moderates are skeptical about the major project of the Democratic President, they judge too interventionists, too expensive, too centralized, too ideological.

In December, Joe Biden had found himself exactly in the same position as today: to mobilize without exception all the voices of his majority in the Senate around a very ambitious social spending program.

After interminable discussions, it's Joe Manchin, who did herself soon before Christmas this project at $ 1.750 billion.

The only way now for Joe Biden would be to convince some elected Republicans to follow him on electoral reform. But this seems illusory, both the Conservatives are reassembled, both against the content of the law and against the parliamentary method.

Their leader in the Senate, Mich McConnell , accused Thursday the President to borrow a "scandalous and divided" path.

A new failure would be extremely difficult to overcome for Joe Biden, already very unpopular, and who is likely to lose control of the conference after the mid-term elections in the fall.

13/01/2022 19:16:12 - Washington (AFP) - © 2022 AFP

suspicions of electoral fraud in Mauritius: Justice orders a recountment in a constituency .
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