US News: virologist Stöhr: End of the corona pandemic in the summer

TÜV Nord advises to vocation special «Pandemic manager»

 TÜV Nord advises to vocation special «Pandemic manager» to avoid larger staff failures During the expected omikron wave, the TÜV North companies advises on various industries to determine their own "Pandemic Manager" in time. © Soeren Stache / DPA Central Image / DPA A person holds the plastic strip with the negative test result during a Corona test in the hand. This could help mitigate disturbances of important processes through many missing workers in disease, isolation or quarantine.

The best way from the pandemic would be after the point of view of the expert, on the other hand, when vaccinated infected. "In the package, there will be a long-lasting immune protection," said Stöhr. "The combination of vaccination protection and infection is actually the way."

  Virologe Stöhr: Ende der Corona-Pandemie im Sommer © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

The virologist also expects in summer with one end of the pandemic. In the RBB candy , Stöhr declared that the pandemic then stops when the consequences of Corona with those of other respiratory infections be comparable, such as the flu. If a corona infection is in the normal disease spectrum, the pandemic is over.

The expert believes that the location of the pandemic develop into such a direction. Although more and more people would become infected, but the pathways are much milder. Nevertheless, Stöhr warns: Unvaccinated people at the age of 60 and older could still infect themselves until the summer - 2.5 million out of this group were not vaccinated yet, they are a heavy course. Stöhr therefore recommends the Booster vaccine, especially for more than 60 years.

Markus Söder wants to aggravate Corona measures at the moment .
Bayern's Prime Minister Söder for "eye measures" in the protection measures: because Omikron from Delta distinguishes from Delta. © Sven Hoppe / dpa Bavaria's head of government Markus Söder ( CSU ) has pronounced prior to the Prime Minister Conference on Monday despite jumping infection numbers against harder corona measures. "It does not make sense to tighten now," said the party feet after a meeting of the CSU board on Friday in Munich .

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