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US News: Emmanuel Macron wants to challenge virtually free of

Explosion rue de Treviso in Paris. The city ready to sign the compensation agreement

 Explosion rue de Treviso in Paris. The city ready to sign the compensation agreement © Thomas Samson / Archives AFP firefighters during the explosion Street of Treviso, January 12, 2019 in Paris. Nearly three years after the explosion of Treviso Street, the Paris town hall is ready to sign the victim compensation framework agreement. The City of Paris is ready to sign on Wednesday, January 5, the compensation framework agreement of the victims of the explosion of the street of Treviso , which it provides for 20 million euros. She told AFP.

university Towards ever more liberalism in universities. If it is re-elected, Emmanuel Macron will tackle the Sacro-Holy Quasi-Free Graduate Studies in France. This is what he has announced during his closing speech of the 50th anniversary of the Conference of the Conference of Presidents of Universities on Thursday night.

"We can not remain permanently in a system where higher education has no prices for almost all students," launched the Head of State. Before describing in a logical sequence that escapes us, a world university 's "where a third of students are scholarship holders and where, however, we have so many student hardship and difficulty in financing a model that is much more funded on public money all over the world to meet international competition. " Charging students to fight against the precariousness of students, in fact.

Preferred Paris in Limoges and Strasbourg for the installation of the press house

 Preferred Paris in Limoges and Strasbourg for the installation of the press house © Joël Saget / AFP It is therefore Paris that has been chosen for the establishment of the house of the press drawing. Three cities, Paris, Strasbourg and Limoges, were in the running to welcome a new international house drawing and satirical design, whose principle was announced by Emmanuel Macron , two years ago.

The trend was already there, even if things had perhaps never say so directly. For five years, this is the fundamental reform of the French university system that is ongoing. Towards "modernization" liberal . The Minister of Higher Education and Research, Frédérique Vidal, has already managed to allow universities to pay registration fees for foreign students , starting unravel the status of researchers and teachers institutionalize selective admission Bachelor and Master . Emmanuel Macron If elected, the next five years will be to match, if one believes the speech of presidential candidate.

Before this event, Emmanuel Macron had first launched a clean bill amazing on managing the health crisis in the universities - is recalled that the government waited to see many students to soup kitchens to act . But the president welcomed all its work in the area for five years. notable comical, one evidence of this success is the "giant leap" would have achieved the University Paris-Saclay, "which is directly climbed to thirteenth place this year," in the ranking Shanghai universities. "giant leap" a place since the university was ranked fourteenth year .

direct. COVID-19: Senators refuse vaccinal pass for minors

 direct. COVID-19: Senators refuse vaccinal pass for minors © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP Olivier Véran Health Minister Faced with the Senate to defend the vaccinal pass on 11 January 2022. France registered Tuesday More than 350,000 new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday, January 11, 2022, announced the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, while the Omicron Variant should be the majority in Europe within two months. Follow here the news of Wednesday, January 12th on the coronavirus pandemic. Emmanuel Macron calls students and their parents to "patience".

With this assessment, Emmanuel Macron wants "redouble efforts to that, within ten years, our university is stronger, it attracts to it the best international students and talents." For this, the candidate pledged to release more resources, without detailing how much, but he mostly said the financial efforts "will question [was] not to themselves."

Other site: access to employment. "The university must first prepare our young people for their future profession. [...] In short, it must become more efficient professionalizing " he said. A will that should lead to the opening of branches in short spaces, even though it is the highest degree that protect the more unemployment. Overall, it is the professional, the link with the world of business and innovation are emphasized. An vision "utilitarian" University of denouncing certain. The president, who called international scientists to come to France for "make our planet great again" seems far away.

Presidential 2022. Travel, Tractations, Desertion ... The echoes of the campaign

 Presidential 2022. Travel, Tractations, Desertion ... The echoes of the campaign © Archives West France, Vincent Mouchel Fabien Roussel, candidate of the Communist Party for the presidential election. Marine Le Pen will be, Friday, in the Côtes-d'Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine. Jean-Luc Mélenchon will be, Sunday, in Meeting in Nantes. Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon ... many candidates move to France, this week. Rendez-vous It was at 11:30, on Thursday, that the Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo presents his presidential program.

Big Bang Institutional It is the sea serpent for fifteen years, and the "law on the freedoms and responsibilities of universities" carried by Valérie Pécresse in 2007: Emmanuel Macron called, again, review the governance of universities. "Yes, we must move towards more autonomy in terms of organization, financing, human resources," he launched. The goal is obviously to aim "more excellence for universities." Reforms cascade which have helped reduce democracy and collegiality in institutional governance and monitoring of careers. But the candidate

Macron said nothing of precariousness, the other face of political excellence. However, during the debates on the "Research Program Act" passed in 2020 much of the protest movement had been worn by university staff working under precarious . Emmanuel Macron remained deaf to their demands. This is a real continuity with the policy for five years by Frédérique Vidal : the reforms carried out by forced marches, without consultation or consideration of collective expressions emanating from the bodies of the university community.

Excluded - Nicolas Sarkozy: His evening "until 4am" with a famous singer who almost cost him dear .
guest of Didier Barbelivien Nicolas Sarkozy lets go to tender confidences in telling me what you sing ", In Europe 1. The former president has returned to a previous evening, spent with the artist Maxime Le Forestier: "We had spent an evening, I can admit it now up to 3 or 4 hours in the morning" , "says it. " We had a wonderful evening ". From his mandate as President of the Republic and his career as Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy retains many memories .

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