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US News: Leonor of Spain: The princess found love at the boarding school

France lifting its European neighbors on teleworking

 France lifting its European neighbors on teleworking © Copyright 2022, Obs Teleworking has certainly imposed with the health crisis but the French assets have a more cautious practice than their European neighbors, according to An IFOP study for the Jean-Jaurès Foundation published on Wednesday, January 5th. According to this survey conducted in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, the French active population stands out "by more restricted access" to teleworking.

  Leonor d’Espagne : la princesse a trouvé l’amour au pensionnat © GTRES / ABACA

Leonor of Spain, eldest daughter of the King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, is 16 years old. Despite his young age, the princess is already involved in royal life. Last March, it presided over an ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Cervantes Institute, in charge of the promotion of the Spanish language in the world. A heavy responsibility for the girl, who had given his first official speech that day. As the first child of the royal couple, Leonor of Spain is the heiress of the crown. It is therefore high as a result as Cristina Cifuentes explained, the former President of the Madrid Community, in "Vanitatis" last May: "Queen Letizia is very invested in the education of his daughters. This is particularly important because the responsibility implies with educating a future queen. »

Lily Collins: She reveals having met the princess Diana in her childhood ... and almost caused a bourde!

 Lily Collins: She reveals having met the princess Diana in her childhood ... and almost caused a bourde! © YouTube The Late Late Show with James Corden Lily Collins: She unveils having met the Princess Diana in her childhood ... and almost causing a bourde! Before being the American who conquers Paris on Netflix, Lily Collins was the child who was cracking the royal family of England, and more particularly Lady Di. You may only know it for its role in Emily in Paris .

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En Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni a semble-t-il trouvé son âme soeur This boy who makes the heart of Princess

last September, Leonor of Spain flew to the United Kingdom. More specifically in Wales to integrate the famous UWC Atlantic College, a school known for his elitism. During the many hours spent ongoing, the princess met a young boy from which she fell in love, according to "Informalia" . His boyfriend would be a foreign student like her, described as "big, slender and very beautiful". If the identity of the young man has not been revealed, the two teenagers would be "quickly linked", according to the Spanish medium.

a statue of rebutador reversed in Puerto Rico before the visit of the King of Spain .
© Ricardo Arduengo The statue of Juan Ponce de Leon, in the old town of San Juan, in Puerto Rico, July 11, 2020 a statue From the Spanish Explorer and the first governor of Puerto Rico, Juan Ponce de Leon, was thrown on the ground early Monday in the Puerto Rican capital San Juan, a few hours before the arrival on the island of King Felipe VI of Spain.

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