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US News: Bank Place After Farewell Announcement: Gladbach fans celebrate Ginter degradation

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Borussia Mönchengladbach reacted lightning fast to the farewell announcement of Matthias Ginter and recently committed Marvin Friedrich, which today against Bayer Leverkusen directly debut in Bayer Leverkusen The starting element can celebrate. The winter newcomer thus also displaces the previous defense chief.

For the amazement of many fans, Ginter was listed only as a bank player on the Game Daybow. The previously previously against Bayern Munich, greatly recharging DFB kicker has to pay for his more than unfavorable communication with regard to its departure with its startTarf-seat.

Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas

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From the point of view of head coach Adi Hütter, this measure is a sporty risk, but the fans welcome the degradation of the graduates, which will be free-return at the latest in the summer:

Adi brings Friedrich for Ginter. Hat off, Adi!? The future begins today. ? Good luck and a successful debut, Marvin #Friedrich ! @Borussia # BMGB04

- (@falenhautauf) January 15, 2022

Friedrich As he in the starting element sounds and ginters outcase

- Robin (@ 1900robin) January 15, 2022

I hope to set the bold decision of # Hütter , #Ginter to the bank is also rewarded. Too bad that Kramer did not manage. As it is valuable he is for us, the game showed last week. # bmgb04

- 41179mg (@ 41179mg) January 15, 2022

Kramer hurts. But ginter to benchen is such a horny move ?? LET'S GO BOYS!!! # BMGB04

Nagel: When driven for price stability

 Nagel: When driven for price stability The new Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel sees the increased inflation rates with concern and promises a decisive commitment to a stable currency. © Arne Dedert / DPA Jens Weidmann (r.), President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, and the then board member Joachim Nagel in February 2016 in front of the Bundesbank headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

- Flacobias (@Tobbbbes) January 15, 2022

Ginter benched?

- drogba? (@ legenddrogba00) January 15, 2022

No ginter, I just love you

- Fickschnit (@fickschnit) January 15, 2022

Friedrich for Ginter? Jaaaaaa ADI, thanks! # BMGB04

- Niklas (@archiholiker) January 15, 2022

Super risky The installation This is now so bubbling if ginter is not going

- Lena (@Lenaavfl) January 15, 2022

#zakaria and #Wolf way, #ginter on the bank. Borussia finally resists. Hopefully today on the square. #BMGLEV #die Selle

- Tribune stool (@falen channel) January 15, 2022

He has done it. He actually done it. ? #ginter # bmgb04

- Uwe Sinha (@uwesinha) January 15, 2022

Faith, with today's startup sending #Gladbach #ginter just subtle the signal that you would even let it in winter . # BMGB04

- Christoph Kehlbach (@ckehlbach) January 15, 2022

Since Gladbach has reacted quickly with the obligation of Friedrich, a departure of Ginter in summer would probably not be a problem for the club. This would also be the millions of millions that had to spend unexpectedly in the obligation of Friedrich.

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