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US News: DRC: a school affected by an army bombardment in Ituri

Ireland Baldwin: "I live in constant fear of dying on a heart attack"

 Ireland Baldwin: the drama around her father, Alec Baldwin (63) , makes Ireland Baldwin (26) hard to create. protectively presents itself in front of her father , which accidentally shot the Camerafrau Halyna Hutchins († 42) and hurt director Joel Souza (48). But that's not the only stressful thing with which the model has to fight: it suffers from cardiophobia and admits: "I live in constant fear." © Alberto E.

Un soldat des FARDC dans une église abandonnée dans le territoire de Djugu, en Ituri, en proie à une flambée de violences (image d'illustration). © John Wessels / AFP A FARDC soldier in an abandoned church in the territory of Djugu, in Ituri, in the prey of a soaring violence (image of 'drawing).

According to AFP, a student has been seriously injured in bombing by two military helicopters in the Petsi country, Iuri. This Northeastern Gold Region of the DRC returned with the violence at the end of 2017. Why this attack?

with our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda WA Kamanda Muzembe

video: French humanitarian worked in Niger: one of the authors of the attack killed by a drone strike (dailymotion)

Two helicopters of the Congolese army have Bombarded around the Petsi Health Center and School. A shell fell into the school yard, the impacts seriously injured a student at the head. According to a nurse at the health center, the population fled but the staff of the center remained with the sick.

DRC: Military Effects Seized at Buteembo, North Kivu

 DRC: Military Effects Seized at Buteembo, North Kivu © John Wessels / AFP A general view of Butembo, in North Kivu Province, DRC. (Illustration image) Congolese and Ugandan armies pursue joint military operations against ADF rebels in eastern DRC. New bombing targeted supposed positions of its fighters on Monday.

The army refers to the military operations carried out in the provinces of the Ituri and North Kivu as part of the state of siege imposed for several months. A suspect movement would have warned Congolese forces, the region being infested with national and foreign armed groups that causes insecurity. One of the main armed groups, the Congo Development Cooperative (CODECO) is required in Petsi and its surroundings.

This brutal militia is structured around a religious sect that claims to defend the members of the tribe lended against the government army and against the Hema tribe.

The spokesperson for the government army, General Leon Richard Kasonga, following this bombing was surprised to learn that students were in a holiday.

Ethiopia: Tigerian rebels announce resuming the AFAR .
© AFP / Archives The Ethiopian Tigi Region has declared Tuesday to have been "forced" to resume fighting in the neighboring area of ​​AFAR , a few weeks after a fold in their fief that had sparked peaceful hopes. "Since yesterday morning (24 January), we have been forced to take strong measures to neutralize the threat posed by" pro-government forces in Afar, said in a statement the People's Liberation Front of the Tiger (TPLF) , who has been fighting the Ethiopian army for more than 14 months.

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