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US News: of strong explosions heard in the west of Iran-reports

Iran: Parents of Victims of the Ukrainian Boeing Defatted in Tehran complaint

 Iran: Parents of Victims of the Ukrainian Boeing Defatted in Tehran complaint © Akbar Tavakoli / IRNA / AFP Boeing debris 737-800 Ukrainian slaughtered by the Iranian armed forces on January 8, 2020. on January 8, 2020, the Iranian armed forces slaughtered a Boeing from Ukraine International Airlines that had just taken off from Tehran for Kiev. The drama had cost the 176 occupants of the device, mostly Iranians and Canadians.

Iran-Explosions /: high explosions heard in western Iran-reports

Dubai, January 16 (Reuters) - strong explosions were Heard Sunday in several cities in western Iran, reported press agencies and local media.

The causes of these explosions are still unknown.

The governor of the city of Asadabad, said a "terrible noise" had been heard, but that his origin was not established, reported the semi-official press agency.

"We first thought that it was the noise of thunderstorms, because of the weather conditions, but this possibility was ruled out," he added.

A video published on Twitter showed explosions seeming to come from an anti-aircraft barrel. Reuters was unable to check these images immediately.

Tensions between Iran and Israel have intensified, while Tehran resumed indirect negotiations with Washington to revive the 2015 Nuclear Agreement.

Israeli leaders warned that they were ready. Acting alone against Iran if they judged that diplomatic efforts to prevent Tehran from acquiring the nuclear weapon were in a dead end.

Tehran has always denied having this intention.

(Dubai Writing Report; French Version Camille Raynaud)

Washington and Tehran are considering direct negotiations on nuclear .
© AFP U N Turning in the talks that drag in length to try to save the Iranian nuclear agreement? The Iran first considered Monday to negotiate directly with the United States, which immediately said to be ready for these "urgent" discussions. "Currently, Iran does not negotiate directly with the United States, but if during the negotiations, we arrive at a point where the conclusion of a good agreement with solid guarantees requires a certain level of discussions with the United States.

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