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US News: CAN 2022: In Limbe-Buea, the teams think of the balloon not the bullets

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Un policier, mitraillette en bandoulière, veille sur le bus de l'équipe de la Mauritanie à Limbé. © RFI / NDIASHER SAMBE A policeman, machine gun, watches on the bus from the Mauritania team in Limbe.

In the CAN 2022 Group F group, the teams housed in the cities of Limbe and Buea, in the area of ​​conflict, want to focus on football. History not to be deconcentrated by the heavy security situation and scheme in these two cities in the English-speaking area of ​​Cameroon.

of our special envoy to Limbe and Buea,

the decor changes as a Limbe's approach. On the last kilometers that connect Douala to this southwestern city of Cameroon, the road is marked by the military. On every 100 meters about, an element of the rapid intervention battalion (BIR), "Cameroonian army cream" (dixit a sergeant) is posted, cagoule, war gun in the hand. In the second largest city in the English-speaking zone of Cameroon, marked by a latent conflict between the government and the separatist

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, the safe device is impressive. CAN 2022: Calendar of matches, results and classification of the teams

CAN, which is also played in Limbe and Buea, two cities welcoming the teams of Group F (Tunisia, Mali, Gambia and Mauritania) noted the safe level of The area with military factions added to regular police patrols. "A security device imposing throughout the airport route to the hotel", even concedes Colonel Mouhamed Samaké, head of the security of the Malian delegation.

has bunea, the screaming sirens, which escort Mali and the Gambia during their outings for training, matches or press conferences, or the round of police helicopters, punctuate the daily eagles and scorpions. "It's not good for concentration, it's normal for football, says the coach of Gambia, Tom Saintfiet. This gives a feeling not '' Secure 'when there are a lot of military, but we have to work on football, that's what we know how to do. "

CAN 2022: Several wounded in shooting in the west of Cameroon

 CAN 2022: Several wounded in shooting in the west of Cameroon The attack has not been claimed. © Provided by FranceInfo Several people were injured, Wednesday, January 12, in exchange of shots between military and men armed in western Cameroon in a bloody conflict, in the city of Buea which houses teams In the running for the African Cup of Nations (CAN) football, indicated the AFP the mayor of the locality. "There have been shooting of shots in Buea yesterday and several people were injured," said David Mafani Namange, evoking "sporadic incidents".

"We take care of football. Others take care of the security ... "

housed in a 5-star hotel, at the foot of Mount Cameroon, whose beautiful panorama slice with the closed face of the vigils and military who monitor the places, Malians and Gambians seem to live in a " Golden prison ".

However, stay focused on football and try to abstract at all safe - who does not even let a radio recorder enter the hotel - seems to be the keyword of the group's actors. "We are 'occupy the technique, football. Others take care of security. Each one his work ", short cut, the coach of Mali, Mohamed Magassuba, arrested on the question at the press conference. "The impression of living in a military camp" Even The shooting of January 12th

does not seem to disrupt the hosts of Limbe-Buéa, like Mauritanians. "We hear some small stuff, but it does not affect us, we have the heads, entrusts Aboubacar Camara, captain of Mourabitounes. His teammate, Souleymane Doukara adds, "We are abstracted from all that. The safety device is very high. We do not talk about it, we look at the matches, we take care as we can, we play cards.

Security is in any case the motto of the African football confederation that has responded to its agents not to leave the hotel with their badge or aboard an official car. "We have the impression of living in a military camp," cowards a member of the CAF who admits that the only gap he has allowed since his arrival in Limbe is to go to be cut off the Hair using a trivial car for this displacement to "high risk". X1

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