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US News: Gislason nominated second league professional Wagner After

Attention, this video taken in Haiti does not show the arrest of "French terrorists in Mali"

 Attention, this video taken in Haiti does not show the arrest of © Observers A video claims to reveal an arrest of "French terrorists" in Mali by the private group Wagner. But the video is out of context. A short video circulating since January 12th on Facebook and Twitter asserts to show the arrest of "French terrorists" in Mali, some accounts sometimes attributing to the Russian Wagner group. The video actually shows the presentation to the press of suspects after the assassination of the Haitian President Jovenel Moses in July 2021.

National Trainer Alfred Gislason responded to the coronabed failure of back-shooter Julius Kühn and post-nominated Hendrik Wagner.

Er soll gegen Österreich noch nicht zum Einsatz kommen: Hendrik Wagner. © imago images He should not be used against Austria: Hendrik Wagner.

with a view to dealing with the virus

The back room player from the second division Owls Ludwigshafen entered Bratislava on Sunday and is immediately entitled to play. Wagner belonged to the 35-member Em-squad, which Gislason had named for the tournament in Slovakia and Hungary at the beginning of December.

"His commitment for today is not planned at all," said DHB sports director Axel Kromer with a view of the game on Sunday evening (18 o'clock) against Austria: "He will come to the team to expand." In the course of the preliminary round, which the DHB team concludes on Tuesday (18 o'clock) with the game against Poland, the German team can nominate two more players, as the squad in Bratislava including Wagner currently comprises 18 players.

Profi with 14: Footballer Kei breaks US record

 Profi with 14: Footballer Kei breaks US record The 14-year-old football talent Axel Kei has received a professional contract as the latest team athletes of US history. The Americans born in Ivory Coast signed at Real Salt Lake from the Major League Soccer (MLS) for two years. At the age of 14 and 15 days, Kei subdued the previous record of Freddy Addu by 153 days. Au had also hired in January 2004 in the MLS at DC United.

for Kühn, who had been positively tested on Saturday on the coronavirus, meanwhile, the move was arranged in a quarantine hotel. "I hope that I can return to the team as soon as possible and continue the tournament," said the 28-year-old back space player of Mt Melsungen.

Kühn's positive test is not synonymous with the EM-out. The EHF shortened before the EM the mandatory quarantine positively tested players from 14 to five days when two negative PCR tests can be presented. Kühn may thus hope for a return to the main round for a sporting qualification.

"If you see that in Budapest 20,000 are at a game and no one wears a mask." (Alfred Gislason)

"For today's game against Austria, I wish the team a lot of success," Kühn said. His place in the 16-squad for the game against Austria takes on the tournament opposite to Belarus (33:29) not considered right outside Lukas.

violations of minimum wage law at four professional football clubs

 violations of minimum wage law at four professional football clubs for three clubs from the football Bundesliga as well as in a second division, there has been violations of the minimum wage law since the beginning of 2020. © Peter Kneffel / DPA According to WDR, a procedure was initiated against former and current Bayern officials because of the infringement of the minimum wage law. This is from a response of the Federal Government to a request from the Left Bundestag MEP Victor Perli, which is the German Press Agency.

Gislason Worried

Meanwhile, Gislason Meanwhile, Gislason make the loose Corona provisions in the co-host country Hungary. "I'm curious how that's going on in this tournament," says the national coach: "If you see that in Budapest 20,000 are in a game and no one wears a mask, you have to see what it takes." The host now ordered a mask obligation for the Hungarian play locations, there is still a viewer restriction.

In relation to the German team, Gislason had said on Saturday morning, he was "very curious, as we come through. We try to focus on providing us that we are careful and have no cases. Because that can be important for the further tournament course. " A few hours later followed the positive test result at Kühn.

German acting prize is gender in the future .
Berlin. The German acting prize will no longer decide on the awards between men and women. A similar change had previously given the Berlinale. © Jörg Carstensen The actor Serkan Kaya was awarded the German Schauspielpreis 2021 (archive photo). "Actors are manifold, life of diversity and should not be excluded from the possibility of being nominated because of their gender affiliation," said the Bundesverband Schauspiel as the organizer on Tuesday.

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