US News: Ukraine: Cyber ​​attack could damage government sites, Russia accused

North Stream 2: The pipeline project threatened by the tensions between Russia and Ukraine

 North Stream 2: The pipeline project threatened by the tensions between Russia and Ukraine © Odd Andersen / AFP If a Moscow attack was launched against Ukraine, sanctions against the North Stream 2 pipeline project 2 Between Russia and Germany would be envisaged. American-Russian meetings, Summit between NATO and Russia, a meeting of the Organization for Security in Europe, since 10 January diplomatic appointments are linked. In the center are the fears of an attack by Moscow against Ukraine, where Russia is threatened with retaliation if such an operation was decided.

Ukraine fears that this cyberattack does not serve to disrupt its services before a military invasion

La tension est toujours aussi forte à la frontière entre la Russie et l'Ukraine, après la cyberattaque subie par cette dernière. © Wolfgang Schwan / Shutterstock / SIPA the tension is still strong at the border between Russia and Ukraine, after the cyberattack suffered by the latter. piracy - Ukraine fears that this cyberattack does not serve to disorganize its services before a military invasion

there is still a little more oil on the fire this Sunday between the Russia and Ukraine, while troops, while troops Russians are massed at the border. Microsoft warned that the Massive Cyber ​​Attack on Friday by the Ukrainian government departments and sites, in which Kiev sees Moscow's hand, could render the entire computer structure of the Government inoperable. "Malware (malware), which looks like a ransomware but does not have a ransom recovery mechanism, aims to destroy and render the sites inoperable, and not to recover a ransom," said the US giant Software in a post on his blog.

Russia announces dismantling the Cybercriminal Group

 Russia announces dismantling the Cybercriminal Group © Patrick Semansky The Cyber ​​question had been at the heart of the meeting in June in Geneva, between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. of the art of bringing down the tension a little? While Western countries accuse the Kremlin to plan a new invasion of Ukraine and that the discussions between Washington and Moscow are particularly stormy , the Russian domestic security department, the FSB, announced Friday having dismantled the Cybercriminal revil group.

In addition, the attack seems to have targeted more organisms than it was initially thought, according to Microsoft . "We have found this malicious software on dozens of systems belonging to the government but also to NGOs and technological information organizations, all based in Ukraine. At this point, we can not say what is the operational cycle of this attack, nor how many other organizations can be victims, "added the company.

"evidence" of Microsoft's Moscow

involvement indicates that we have not so far been able to identify the origin of these attacks, but the Ukraine and the West already accuse the Kremlin. "To date, all the evidence indicates that Russia is behind cyberattack," said the Ministry of Digital Transformation in a statement. This sabotage "is a manifestation of the hybrid war that Russia has been against Ukraine since 2014," said the ministry.

Ukraine conflict with Russia: US obviously consider emergency gas supplies to Europe

 Ukraine conflict with Russia: US obviously consider emergency gas supplies to Europe In Ukraine conflict, the US government for emergency gas supplies should have explored in Europe. Around one third of its gas needs, the EU relates to Russia. © Photo: Imago Images / Sergei Krasnoukhov A Gas Tanker in Russia in Ukraine conflict with Russia , according to the US government, insiders with energy companies of emergency plans for gas deliveries to Europe explores.

The objective is "not only to intimidate society", but also to "destabilize the situation in Ukraine" by "undermining the confidence of the Ukrainians in their power", according to the same source. The threat of an invasion of Ukraine by Russia, eight years after the annexation of Crimea and then that the civil war is still raging in the east of the country, seems to be stronger. Experts consider that a possible invasion could be preceded by acts of computer sabotage aimed at disrupting the Ukrainian authorities.

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Russian military: Where are Russia's troops? .
100,000 soldiers, air assistance, heavy device: the Russian military threatens Ukraine with a large squad. It could advance quickly. © Maxar Technologies / DPA Russian Fighting Associations at the Troop Exercise Pogonovo in the Western Russian administrative district of Vorone's satellite image of Wednesday, January 19, of the conflict around the Russian threats against Ukraine is increasingly tricky.

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