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US News: Cold sweats (ARTE) Why was Alfred Hitchcock tyrannical with Kim Novak?

Handball EM: So Germany's chances

 Handball EM: So Germany's chances are the injury spoken of the central defender does not tear off at FC Augsburg. Because Jeffrey is threatened to shake Gouweleeuw, Markus Weinzierl has to change again - even at the expense of the two outer defenders. © Imago Images / Sven Simon Augsburg's Captain Jeffrey Gouweleeuw plagues muscular problems. Oxford returns to youth barrier already at the 1: 3 in Hoffenheim Captain Gouweleeu had prematurely from the field.

In 1958, Alfred Hitchcock, at the top of his art, took everyone against the psychological thriller with the sophisticated suspense.

En 1958, Alfred Hitchcock, au sommet de son art, prenait tout le monde à contre-pied avec ce thriller psychologique au suspense sophistiqué. © Dr. In 1958, Alfred Hitchcock, at the top of his art, took everyone against the psychological thriller with the sophisticated suspense.

Hitchcock Versus Clouzot

in 1955, Henri-Georges Clouzot triumph with diabolics. Hitchcock admires the movie as much as it bubbles inside, he who was struggled at the post for the purchase of the rights of the novel, written four hands by the prestigious French Tandem Boileau and Narcejac. Of the dead, their last delivery, will be for him. Good pick: Hitch loves this story of an obsession in love beyond death.

Novak Djokovic In the Table of the Australian Open but still expelled

 Novak Djokovic In the Table of the Australian Open but still expelled provided not being expelled, Novak Djokovic will be opposed to his Serbian miomir Kecmanovic (78th) compatriot at the 1st round of the Open d'Australia, According to the draw on Thursday with more than one hour late. © Tennis Australia / Scott Barbour / Handout via Reuters Novak Djokovic has been integrated Thursday to the Australian Open Table, but the legal iron arm on its visa continues and the global tennis n.1, No vaccinated, remains under the threat of expulsion.

A stunning plot

feeling responsible for the death of a colleague because of his acrophobia (the fear of vacuum), John "Scottie" Fergusson left the police from San Francisco. An acquaintance asks him to monitor his wife, depressed, that he suspects of wanting to end his life. Fergusson manages to save Madeleine a first time. He falls in love, but fails the second, because of his vertigo. For info, the original title of the film is Vertigo. And this dive into the tormented psyche of the protagonists has enough to give the Tournis.

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Death at the kits (Arte) when Cary Grant prostrate in front Hitchcock

Gallery: Matrix 4: 10 Plans of the first film Recreated identically in resurrections (allocine)

La première scène de Matrix Resurrections fait écho à l'ouverture du film de 1999. En plus du décor, Lana Wacowski reproduit à l'identique le gros plan sur le regard de son héroïne quand elle s'apprête à se faire arrêter par l'un des officiers de la police.

The genius of Sir Alfred

If the dual-bottom plot is labyrinthic, between obsessions, fantasies, lies and manipulations, formally, cold sweats is also to mark a white stone. Hitchcock uses, for the first time, the Wedge Traveling to illustrate the vertigo, the combination of a forward traveling and a zoom out. Spielberg and Scorsese will resume it. The generic is the first of the story to use computer images. And to illustrate the hero nightmare, Hitchcock uses animation plans for avant-garde psychedelic effect.

cold gas, cold war

 cold gas, cold war of dealing with Russia and its aggressive foreign policy represents the west of problems. NATO and EU can not ignore provocations and human rights violations, but they need Putin to solve multiple crisis worldwide. © Fred Tanneau The EU Foreign Ministers extended in Brest economic sanctions against Russia by six months, as Moscow does not fulfill its obligations from the Ukraine Peace Agreement with Russia is currently not working. But without it is not.

James Stewart, a golden partner

the star, who had already shone in front of the master camera in the rope, window on court and the man who knew too much, reassured Kim Novak. The low number of catches was approving on the part of a known filmmaker to multiply them. The two partners became great friends: "Jimmy Stewart was adorable. With him, it was not work. At the end of the filming, he offered Kim Novak the golden replica of the famous necklace she was wearing on the screen.

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but killed Harry? (ARTE) - When Hitchcock went away from the black comedy

Kim Novak, the blonde with the black pump

between the actress and the filmmaker, there is no spark. Hitchcock wanted Vera Miles, but she was pregnant. Novak is his plan B, and he will do it (a little) pay. On the first day, while she complains about the costumes and refuses to wear black heels, the director politely listens to him before launching: "My dear, you will wear exactly what I tell you to wear. The atmosphere will not warm up. At the actress, who wanted to discuss his role, he will oppose, laconics: "Learn your replicas and be on time.

The best movie of all time!

At its exit, cold sweats knew a sting failure. Over time, the film was largely re-evaluated, in the event of dethroning, in 2012, the Inamovable Citizen Kane , of Orson Welles, as best movie of all time, according to the English magazine reference ranking Sight and SOUND.

Cold sweats: Sunday, January 16th at 9pm on Arte

Julien Barcilon

"The Resistants of Mauthausen", on Arte: photos hidden by deportees, evidence of the crimes perpetrated by the Nazis .
Barbara Necek traces the history of these republicans Spanish deported, who worked to retrieve images seized in the camp Austrian. ARTE - Tuesday, January 25 at 10:25 am in the accused box, in Nuremberg, at the beginning of March 1946, in the midst of other Nazis dignitaries, the one who was Minister of Armament of the Third Reich thinks draw. But Albert Speer, who makes sure never set foot in a concentration camp, is suddenly faced with Francisco Boix. A witness who will tip everything.

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