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US News: Italy: Berlusconi imposes itself

Italy ready to Greece a fragment of the Friesland of Parthenon for at least 8 years

 Italy ready to Greece a fragment of the Friesland of Parthenon for at least 8 years Italy ready to Greece a fragment of the Friesland of Parthenon. This piece which represents a foot of Artemis, Greek goddess of the wilderness, hunting and deliveries, belonged to the part of the monument devoted to the gods of Olympus.

Did he chances on the Presidency? Italy's rights officially sends their old padron into the race - under a condition.

Silvio Berlusconi möchte bei der Präsidentenwahl antreten. © Riccardo Antimiani / AP Silvio Berlusconi wants to compete in the presidential election. Berlusconi imposes itself

Again, everyone is talking about Silvio Berlusconi. Whatever one year 85 from Milan's media entrepreneur and four-time Italian Prime Minister holds: He has the gift of always playing to the center of political events. Its villas then convert to the backrooms of the Republic to courts of Italian rights. This time it is the "Villa Grande", his new home in Rome, outside on the Via Appia Antica. Then, he has loaded the tips of the right camp for dinner, sea bass with artichokes were there. Matteo Salvini from the Lega and Giorgia Meloni of the post-fascist Fratelli d'Italia left the villa, a communiqué was released, in which the emerging nationalist old patron insured their closed support in the presidential election of 24 January - as Berlusconi because final elects and has the necessary votes in prospect. The

National funeral in Rome for David Sassoli, the Italian political class pays homage to it

 National funeral in Rome for David Sassoli, the Italian political class pays homage to it Funeral in Rome this Friday of David Sassoli. National tribute for the former President of the European Parliament. The Italian political class welcomes this enthusiast of Europe. It was a great European . After Brussels, the Italian political class welcomes the memory of David Sassoli . The Italians are also numerous to pay tribute to the former President of the European Parliament, died this week at age 65.

is a remarkable decision in many ways. First, it shows that the new rights still has no serious name that would claim her meet the highest office in the state. Because Berlusconi is of course the exact antithesis of an impartial sovereign hovering with wisdom and moderation over all, as you would expect from the President of the Republic. He split the country since he entered into politics 1994th Second, the decision that Berlusconi shows his camp with his "senile ambition" to be president, as it was called a newspaper, is still holding hostage. Third, risking the rights in the current Parliament more weight has to gamble than the Left and the Cinque Stelle, with Berlusconi their chance to ask the President once again. The choice of the 1008 Great voters - senators, deputies and delegates from the regions - is in fact secret because anything can happen.

cold gas, cold war

 cold gas, cold war of dealing with Russia and its aggressive foreign policy represents the west of problems. NATO and EU can not ignore provocations and human rights violations, but they need Putin to solve multiple crisis worldwide. © Fred Tanneau The EU Foreign Ministers extended in Brest economic sanctions against Russia by six months, as Moscow does not fulfill its obligations from the Ukraine Peace Agreement with Russia is currently not working. But without it is not.

This is precisely but Berlusconi sees his chance. In the first three passages in which he is likely to face Premier Mario Draghi, a two-thirds majority for the election is necessary. Which is unattainable. From the fourth round of voting on it would only require an absolute majority, that is 505 votes. But it brings the rights but only 451 votes. And Berlusconi spends his days now, very openly to vie for votes from the group of non-attached, the "Gruppo misto" in the Cinque site and the camp of the centrists. His means are endless. It

run an "obscure operation", "La Stampa" writes - with indecent offers

Large voters who have received a call of the previous Cavaliere, now tell the newspaper how he had ensnared. A hobby actor who was formerly in the Cinque Stelle, he said: "I have heard that you are an actor." Out of the mouths of the powerful television and film producers this sounds ever promising. Another deputy told Berlusconi had introduced with the words: "Buongiorno, I'm from Bunga Bunga." Should probably be a joke, an icebreaker for the interview. Five minutes, then each of the next turn. His assistants have prepared him well with dozens cheat sheets on which are all kinds of personal data and preferences - and the exact financial circumstances as they are stored in the register of Parliament. It's all very bizarre.

Salvini and Meloni now want to check in the next few days whether Berlusconi is actually able to graze far beyond his garden. For that to be formed with members from all right-wing parties, which should make smart in the fractions a committee. Lega and Fratelli d'Italia Berlusconi's Forza Italia not believe obviously. La Stampa writes: "It is a paradox: Everything stops, until clear whether a candidate who really small number, has the necessary consensus but can mobilize somehow - with whatever means." It run a hunt for votes, an obscure operation with offers that could not be made public, of course.

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