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US News: Jordan: Murdering confrontation with drug traffickers on the Syrian border

traffic light Cabinet summarizes the first decision to take foreign use of the Bundeswehr

 traffic light Cabinet summarizes the first decision to take foreign use of the Bundeswehr The traffic light government has for the first time a resolution on a foreign assignment of the Bundeswehr. On Wednesday in Berlin, the Cabinet approved an extension of the use in Iraq for nine months until the end of October, as agreed on government circles. The mandate for the Bundeswehr was changed to an important place to enable the Greens the consent: it excludes Syria as an area of ​​application.

Des sacs contenant des stupéfiants confisqués exposés au siège de l'unité anti-stupéfiants de la police à Amman, le 7 janvier 2019. Les autorités jordaniennes dénoncent depuis plusieurs mois déjà une augmentation spectaculaire des trafics de drogue à la frontière syrienne. © AFP - Khalil Mazraawi Bags containing confiscated narcotics exposed to the headquarters of the anti-narcotic police unit in Amman, January 7, 2019. Jordanian authorities have been denouncing a spectacular increase in drug trafficking at the Syrian border.

In Jordan, an officer was killed this Sunday, January 16 at the Syrian border by a group of traffickers trying to move from drugs to the country. Drug trafficks are regular between the two countries that share 375 km from border, but their increase worries the authorities on site.

With our correspondent in Amman, Hermine The Clech

is around 4am in the north-east of the country that smugglers opened fire on border guards. They fled a few minutes later, pushed back by the Jordanian army, leaving a large amount of narcotics on site.

In visit to Athens, Pécresse boasts the Greek model on Immigration

 In visit to Athens, Pécresse boasts the Greek model on Immigration The candidate of the Republicans was Friday in Athens for Vante the action "Exemplary" of Greece in terms of immigration. © Petros Giannakouris / PA / SIPA In visit to Athens, the candidate LR to the French presidential election Valérie Pécresse boasted on Friday the action "copy" of Greece in matters of immigration, on the eve of a displacement in the Camp on the Greek Island of Samos, which she described as "model" for the border countries of the EU.

This confrontation confirms the fears of the Jordanian officials, who have been denouncing for several months already a dramatic increase in drug trafficking on the Syrian border. In particular, the contraband of Captagon , a derivative of amphetamine in the process of becoming one of the most consumed drugs in the Middle East.

361 Attempts at the border traffic in 2021

in 2021, the Jordanian army has foiled 361 attempts at its border. A number that has almost tripled in the space of one year. The armed forces are struggling to maintain security, as traffickers use more and more sophisticated methods for transiting cargoes, such as the use of a drone last October, shot at the border.

In his statement, the Jordanian army asserts that it will respond with firmness to any new attempt at traffic and presents its condolences to the family of the deceased officer. Several hundred people gathered Sunday in his homage, in his hometown of Deir Al-Sa'ana, in northern Jordan.

Three other members of the army were injured in the confrontation and transported urgently to the hospital.

Lebanon signs electricity supply agreement with Jordan via Syria .
© Getty Images - Andrderea Campanu Lebanon undergoes power cuts, culminating at more than 22 hours a day. The agreement signed this Wednesday, January 26 should come into force in two months if two questions are settled. with our correspondent in Beirut, Paul Khalifeh The Jordan Power Network Connection Agreement via Syria will provide 250 megawatts in Lebanon, 10% of its needs.

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