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US News: United States: a "major" winter storm strikes the east of the country

The United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of

 The United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Missiles Russia-Ukraine-USA-Biden: the United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Missiles © Reuters / Handout States United ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Washington missiles - the United States and their allies are willing to discuss with Russia, as part of Talks on Ukraine, the possibility for each part of Restrict military activities and missile deployments in the region, said Saturday a senior official of the US President Joe Biden.

  États-Unis : une tempête hivernale « majeure » frappe l'est du pays © Stefani Reynolds / AFP

d Es Millions of Americans have been sheltered on Sunday, January 16th while a "major winter storm According to the meteorological services, struck the east of the United States with its batch of snow and ice, causing power outages about at least 235,000 people. The biggest of the storm should take place in the evening.

"A major winter storm will hit the eastern United States between Sunday and Monday," warned the National Weather Service (NWS), indicating that up to 30 centimeters of snow could cover an area from Tennessee and the Georgia , in the southeast, Vermont and New York State, in the Northeast, accompanied by strong winds and overflowing rain. The winds could wait for the strength of a hurricane on the Atlantic coast, still warned the NWS.

Residential Trend for Winter: Dark Country Style

 Residential Trend for Winter: Dark Country Style The Dark Country Style - also called Dark CottageCore - offers thanks to covered colors and cuddly elements perfect for the winter to © iStockphoto The dark country house style fits perfectly to the cold season iStockphoto The residential trend CottageCore will Also called farmcore or countrycore and now already refers to a very own lifestyle. This includes both fashion and living. At the CottageCore, it's basically the simplicity of country life and the whole aesthetics that brings this.

Transport has already been severely disturbed. Thousands of flights have been canceled and part of the I95 inter-states highway closed in North Carolina. Motorists have been warned of "hazardous road conditions" and large congestion of Arkansas (south) until Maine (Northeast). "The arctic air already in place in the center and the eastern United States will combine with this dynamic system to create a thick layer of more than 30 centimeters of snow," according to the NWS.

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more than 80 million people affected by the Weather Alert

Florida (South-East), more accustomed to a time Clement even at this time of year, has been indirectly affected When several tornadoes accompanied by snow, provoked by this winter storm have made material damage and caused coastal floods on Sunday, according to the Weather Channel. From North and South Carolina, going up the appalaches, ice and wind gusts complicate the situation. The Winter Weather Alert concerns more than 80 million people, according to the US media.

Ukraine: Despite a week of negotiations between Russia and the United States, the peace always threatened

 Ukraine: Despite a week of negotiations between Russia and the United States, the peace always threatened © AFP The Russian Minister of Foreign Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov is now waiting for a written answer to the demands of his country. A week of talks between the United States and Russia have not allowed to appease the lively crystallized tensions around Ukraine.

Some 2,900 domestic or international flights were canceled Sunday in the middle of the afternoon, according to the Flighttaware website, and about 2,400 were delayed. About 235,000 people no longer had electricity in the southeast, including more than 150,000 in Carolins, according to the site. In Georgia, another one among the most affected, Governor Brian Kemp had declared the state of emergency on Friday, and snow plows were at work before noon to clear the roads. Atlanta, with a mild climate, has seen snow fall.

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Virginia and North Carolina also declared the state of emergency. More than 30 cm of snow fell on this last state, depending on the weather chain. Northeast of the United States had already been snowed in early January, covered with a white coat up to 30 cm thick. Hundreds of motorists remained blocked nearly 20 hours on a major axis connecting the Washington capital. The storm should reach the east of the Canada Tuesday, estimates the NWS.

Russian military: Where are Russia's troops? .
100,000 soldiers, air assistance, heavy device: the Russian military threatens Ukraine with a large squad. It could advance quickly. © Maxar Technologies / DPA Russian Fighting Associations at the Troop Exercise Pogonovo in the Western Russian administrative district of Vorone's satellite image of Wednesday, January 19, of the conflict around the Russian threats against Ukraine is increasingly tricky.

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