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US News: United Arab Emirates: Three Dead in Tank Tank Explosion in Abu Dhabi

Brazil. At least 5 dead and 20 missing after a fall of rocks in a tourist lake

 Brazil. At least 5 dead and 20 missing after a fall of rocks in a tourist lake © AFP Photo / Minas Gerais Fire Department A pan of cliff fell on several boats of tourists, making at least five dead and 20 other still missing , in the canyons of Furnas Lake, in the state of Minas Gerais to Brazil, January 8, 2022. A large fragment of rock broke off from his wall and fell on three boats walking on Lake Furnas, In southeastern Brazil, making at least five dead, 20 missing and 32 injured on Saturday.

Des hommes se tiennent devant une aire de stockage du géant pétrolier ADNOC dans la capitale des Émirats arabes unis, Abu Dhabi, le 17 janvier 2022. © Men's AFP are held in front of a storage area of ​​the Petroleum Giant Adnoc in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi on 17 January 2022.

The explosion of tanker trucks carrying fuel has made three deaths and six wounded Monday in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, where the authorities mentioned an incident "probably" due to drones. On their side, Yemeni Rebels Houthis announced a "major military operation" to the United Arab Emirates.

in Abu Dhabi

, said the police of the Emiratia capital, while the Yemeni Houthis rebels announced a "military operation large " to the United Arab Emirates . The explosion of the three tanker trucks took place "near the storage tanks of adnoc", the oil company of Abu Dhabi, and resulted in the death of a Pakistani and two Indians,

The Kenya hangs its flights with Dubai

 The Kenya hangs its flights with Dubai © Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP seen from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. (Illustration image) In Kenya, the Civil Aviation Authority announced, on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, suspend all passenger flights from Dubai. A reprisal measure while since the end of December, the United Arab Emirates have temporarily put an end to the passenger flights from Kenya on the back of suspicion of fake covid test traffic.

according to the agency Official WAM

which is also state of "six lightweight in moderate". A "minor fire" has also been produced in "the new building area of ​​Abu Dhabi International Airport", the authorities who have not reported victim.

At the same time, the Houthis rebels of Yemen indicated that they would make a "important announcement" in the coming hours about a "major military operation in the United Arab Emirates", according to a tweet of their door - Military share, Yahya Saree.

The explosion and fire have "probably" been caused by "drones", with "flying objects" being "fallen" on the affected places, said Wam by citing Abu Dhabi police, who launched a "Vast survey".

The Emirates are members of the Military Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and who has been involved in Yemen since 2015 to support the government forces against the houthis, insurgents supported by Iran.

Ethiopia: New victims after drone strikes in the Tigi

 Ethiopia: New victims after drone strikes in the Tigi © Eduardo Sideras AFP / Archivos An abandoned tank in the tabby, north of Ethiopia. (Illustration Image) Nineteen people were killed, January 11 and 12, 2022, by tiger-based drone strikes, according to humanitarian and hospitals sources. At the end of the last week a shot on a refugee camp, still in the Tiger, had made 50 dead, a few hours after Prime Minister Ahyi Ahmed, however, launched a call to "national reconciliation".

After distinguished, they recently returned to the field in Yemen by supporting the brigade of the "giants" which "released" territories taken by the rebels.

The conflict in Yemen has intensified in recent weeks with an increase in the coalition raids and the soil offensives of the forces it supports.

For their part, the rebels multiplied the attacks of missiles and drones against the Saudi territory.

"drones launched from Sanaa"

presenting himself as a haven of peace in the disturbed region of the Middle East, the emirates had never been victims of a known attack on the houthis.

The Coalition has indicated Monday having noted an upsurge of "trapped drones launched by the houthis from Sanaa International Airport", according to the Saudi official news agency spa.

Since they took the Sanaa capital in 2014, the rebels have managed to seize vast parties in the Yemeni territory, especially in the North. The intervention of the emirates had until recently concentrated in southern Yemen.

On January 3, the rebels had seized the boat "Rwabee" flying the flag of the emirates, off the port of Hodeida in western Yemen, ensuring that he was carrying military equipment. Abu Dhabi, which ensures that the boat carried equipment for a Yemeni hospital, denounced a "dangerous climb" at the Red Sea.

This act of "piracy", according to the coalition, occurred at the moment when the brigade of the "giants" faced the rebels in the Chabwa region. Last week, these loyalist forces had allowed the government to take over this oil province after breaths fight against the houthis.

Iran, which maintains difficult relations with the emirates, is the only country to openly support the rebels while noting to provide them with weapons, which accuse the Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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Emirates: Two missiles thrown by the Yemeni Rebels Intercepted .
© Giuseppe Caciace / AFP Abu Dhabi The United Arab Emirates intercepted two ballistic missiles targeting the capital Abu Dhabi, announced Monday the Ministry of Defense , attributing this attack to the Houthis rebels at Yemen . "This attack did not make a victim, and the remains of the intercepted and destroyed ballistic missiles dropped in different places of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi," said the department in a statement.

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