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US News: ex-editor-in-chief The "picture": how Julian Reichelt defends

"I was totally annoyed" - Söder defends ghost games

 The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder explains in the steelwork double pass on Sport1 the decision for ghost games. He also speaks of "competitive distortion". © Provided by Sport1.7 "I have totally annoyed" - Söder defends ghost games "I already find that it is competitive distortion," says Markus Söder in the steelwork double pass on Sport1.

The most scared "picture" chief editor talks about his sacking and his professional plans at Servus TV. About one trying to save his skin.

Der frühere © Servus TV / DPA The earlier as Julian Reichelt defends

The sound was immediately set. Even before the Talk left. Right. Center. - The duel of opinion maker began on Sunday evening, the Austrian broadcaster, director Ferdinand Wegscheider in his own broadcast of the Wegscheider , vanished by "consulted attacks" against his "reluctant" transmitter, which has been since the "refugee crisis 2015" and now In Corona questions from left media boundary, the only one in Austria, which is not establishment reports, and therefore was exposed to attacks by pharmaceutical industry, politics and media. The situation in Austria, which stands in front of a general vaccination requirement, he compares "the last weeks in the setting GDR".

Trial of 13-November: Mohamed Abrini Asked about his relationship to religion

 Trial of 13-November: Mohamed Abrini Asked about his relationship to religion © AFP - Benoit Peyrucq Mohamed Abrini, "The man in hat" of the attacks of Brussels, was the second to be questioned at the trial of the 13 -November. A new step at the trial of the noveltime attacks, which was able to resume its normal course, now that Salah Abdeslam was declared covid-19 and to appear. The accused will now be questioned on the merits of the file, starting with their relationship to religion.

for which the following rounds would thus be clarified the fronts for Talkgast Julian Reichelt, who was according to his former boss, Springer board Mathias Dopfner, "the last and only journalist in Germany ", the courageous "against the new GDR bustle state "Upgraded. In mid-October, the image chief editor was posted, now he does the DOPSNER set to his brand core. Since he is now, with Horn glasses and tie, from the open collar and the pilot sunglasses he said goodbye, a bit like someone who wants to dress up as a conservative.

It's about Omikron (according to the reichelt a "very, very, very mild variant"), and the round arm is expertise, but rich in mind: In addition to reichelt, the mathematician Peter Markowich and the journalist Thomas Walch are invited, also the From gene vaccinations and manipulated numbers irrelevant singer Julia Neigel. In conversation about Corona, it becomes reinvested in between almost to the vote of reason. As a moderator Kathrin Dimerer praise him persistently after the reasons for his farewell at Image , according to the allegations of power abuse and misconduct towards women, he disputes everything, even a feminist, "I can only tell them that I am in mine Have worked on the larger part with outstanding women. And I believe that I have helped to enable many positions of women's cartridges that were unfortunately not possible. "

Already in a large interview in the Time richly staged as a suffering of a campaign, a climate, in which career of powerful men could easily be stopped by diffuse allegations. For the sending environment of Ferdinand Wegscheiders into the ever-bizarre-drifting rebel transmitter servus TV match such stories.

How it continues? "I'll be back" he writes about himself on Twitter. He start "a platform" with many young colleagues, he tells in the show, which is supposed to "journalism as he should be". And then follows a sentence that almost sounds like a joke with him: the largest market gap in journalism is journalism. We want lake.

Defensive Message for Cologne: ChaBot comes in lending .
After several disposals in the defensive sector, the 1st FC Cologne has striked on the transfer market and reinforced with Julian Chabot. © Imago Images / Independent Photo Agency Julian Chabot reinforces the central defensive of the 1st FC Cologne. New Center Defender comes from Italy The former U-21 international Julian Jeffrey 'Jeff' Chabot comes from Sampdoria Genoa and is borrowed from the Geißböcken for one and a half years to June 2023.

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