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US News: For RSF, the rise of violence against journalists accelerates

Kazakhstan-of "strategic sites" are under control after the violence

 Kazakhstan-of Kazakhstan-events / (photo): Kazakhstan-of "strategic sites" are under control after the violence Almaty, January 9 (Reuters) - a number of "Strategic Sites" in Kazakhstan are under the control of the Military Alliance led by Russia to restore the Order, said Sunday the Office of the Presidency, while the country is confronted with the worst violence since its accession to the Independence Thirty years ago.

Hostility to journalists increased in recent years in France?

There is clearly a rise in hostility, and even violent hostility, against journalists, which accelerates in France and other countries of the world. This violence started in far-right meetings, including those of the National Front. She continued in the demonstrations, like those of the yellow vests, where one of the events the worst was an attempt at lynching a team of (the continuous information chain) LCI.

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it is not unique to France: in Germany, we attended violence from members of the movement xenophobic and anti-Muslim Pegida, in the United States with supporters of Donald Trump. It is a hatred of the media that exceeds the phenomenon of distrust and the lack of trust. With social networks, which participate in the confinement of each in belief and belief bubbles, part of the population does not support the image that is returned from itself or the mere fact that we return An image of herself.

Kazakhstan: "The situation in Almaty is rather stable" after the riots

 Kazakhstan: © Alexandr Bogdanov AFP of the inhabitants of Almaty on January 9, 2022 after the day of murderer riots that have suffered the city. The President of Kazakhstan Kassim-Jomart Tokayev announced that the Safe Alliance taken by Russia will begin by two days to withdraw its forces from the country. The economic capital and largest city in the country, Almaty, was the hardest hit by violence. Many public buildings have been ransacked and the looted businesses.

What is particularly worrying with the aggression of the AFP team is that it is precisely an agency that gives everyone to everyone, who does not participate in the polarization, which is attacked.

What can the policies do?

The policies whose activists commit such acts must assume their responsibilities: to hold their troops and, if they do not arrive, to dislocate from those who commit such acts. We can not pretend to play democratic game and leave journalists to be shattered. We are in a period when the political debate is very often turning to Pugilat. By verbal violence, some weak minds end up distinguishing it from physical violence.

The protection of journalists is also a business of public safety: those who perpetuate these acts must be prosecuted and convicted and these convictions must be clearly brought to the public's knowledge.

Assault of the Capitol: Stewart Rhodes, the leader of one of the main groups of the far right, stopped

 Assault of the Capitol: Stewart Rhodes, the leader of one of the main groups of the far right, stopped © Jim Urquhart Stewart Rhodes, during a meeting in Berkeley, California on April 15, 2017. Man At the eye cache now has the handcuffs. This Thursday, Stewart Rhodes, leader of one of the far-right groups that stormed the Capitol, was arrested. The 56-year-old activist, as well as ten other members of this militia had been charged the day before for "sedition" by a great jury, specifies the Ministry of Justice in a statement.

What can be the reaction of writing?

The drafting has made a very big effort in terms of training, setting up procedures, safety plans, materials, affecting financial means. It is necessary to stimulate the reaction of the other protesters or activists so that there are + antibodies + in the crowds that make it possible to restrict the action capacity of the madmen who want to tap on the journalists.

I am not sure that a general rule should be issued for writing about their protective measures. On the other hand, what journalists can do is show themselves that one can debate without fighting and give an example of tolerance regardless of the editorial line of their media

Kaboré: a president arrested for not being able to stem Jihadist violence in Burkina .
© Ludovic Marin President Burkinabe Roch Marc Christian Kaboré on June 30 2020 in Nouakchott Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, at the head of Burkina Faso since 2015, was arrested Monday by mutinous soldiers for not being able to prevent the descent into hell from his country undermined by jihadist violence.

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