US News: in Sudan, bloody repression against anti-putsch protesters makes seven dead

Kazakhstan: a return to calm relative to Almaty after days of violence

 Kazakhstan: a return to calm relative to Almaty after days of violence © Reuters, Stringer A man walking in the streets of Almaty in Kazakhstan, on January 7, 2022. After two days of violence, a relative calm is Income in Kazakhstan shaken by a challenge. The former President Kazakh Noursoultan Nazarbayev called the public to support the government to deal with this crisis. Since the beginning of the year, Kazakhstan faces, on its territory, to a large-scale sling triggered by an increase in the price of gas and which has led to a violent repression.

Manifestation citoyenne contre le putsch militaire à Karthoum, capitale du Soudan, le 17 janvier 2022. © Marwan Ali Citizen event against military putsch in Karthoum, capital of Sudan on 17 January 2022.

Seven protesters in the fight against military power been killed in Sudan on Monday. One of the most bloody days of the repression of this mobilization that does not smell since the Putsch of General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan at the end of October.

braving a tight secure grid and troops equipped with heavy weapons, thousands of Sudanese have been changing "the military at the barracks" and "civil power" by trying to approach the presidential palace to Khartoum, or elsewhere in the country.

In the capital, supporters of a civilian power in a country released less than three years of thirty years of military-Islamist dictatorship have suffered real bullet shots , but also a rain of tear and deafening grenades And shots of water cannons, report doctors. Seven protesters were mopped by shots of "real bullets" , they specify.

Kazakhstan: Nearly 8000 arrests after riots, the Russian intervention "soon" finished

 Kazakhstan: Nearly 8000 arrests after riots, the Russian intervention © Pavel Mikheyev Almaty (Kazakhstan), this Monday. The Kazakh flag is in Bern on the building of the town hall partly destroyed. Reuters / Pavel Mikheyev Nearly 8000 people were arrested after a week of riots in Kazakhstan, announces Monday the government. They have been marked by an implacable repression, which made dozens of video deaths: in Kazakhstan, what images show riots and their repression (the world) Your Browser does not support this video .

In all, from the Putsch of October 25, 71 protesters were killed. The police for his part ensures that one of his generals was stabbed to death on Thursday by protesters who, "she warned, will be judged according to the laws of exception of the state of emergency decreed on the day of the coup. .

"military at the barracks"

In a country where military and paramilitaries are already accused of abuses and in particular, recently, rape of a dozen protesters, a new decision of the generals in power to dread the worst. Monday, the Defense Council has announced the creation of an "Special Anti-Terrorist Force to deal with potential threats".

Throughout the afternoon, the violence were continuous: in Khartoum on the outskirts of the presidential palace, the former QG of the Dictator Omar El-Bésir dismissed in 2019 under the pressure of a popular uprising, where today sit today Transitional authorities now in the hands of General Burhane.

COVID-19: This Saturday, Pass jump and opponents walk

 COVID-19: This Saturday, Pass jump and opponents walk This Saturday is the deadline fixed by the government for the recall of anti-Covid vaccine of nearly 16 million major, but also the day of new events Opponents to the Sanitary Pass © Mourad Allili / SIPA Some pass could be prolonged through coronavirus infection.

but also in the suburbs: at Omdourman, protesters burned tires and laid barricades to cut roads, while in Khartoum North, thousands of other protesters shouted: "the military at the barracks" and " No return back possible ", in a country remained under the ferrule of the army almost continuously since its independence 65 years ago.

Everywhere, the police continued the contestants in the surrounding streets with tear and deafening grenades. They also regularly attack injured and doctors in hospitals, the World Health Organization (WHO) is indignant.

"That civilians"

and the mobilization is not confined to the capital in this country of 45 million inhabitants, one of the largest in Africa. In Madani, for example, 200 kilometers south of Khartoum, "about 2,000 protesters scroll to the cries of 'we only want civilians in power', reported to AFP a witness, IMED Mohammed.

Because on October 25, General Burhane has stopped most civilians who shared power with him and his army. They have been released since then, but the country has always been without Parliament since the fall in 2019 from the Dictator Omar El-Bashir and without a government from the putsch.

in Sudan, manifestations, road locks and censored media

 in Sudan, manifestations, road locks and censored media © AFP M Edecins Protestant against attacks of hospitals, farmers denouncing the increase in electricity and media demanding the right to cover the crisis at Sudan : The military power is again Sunday in the viewfinder of the protest.

General Burhane, who surrounded himself with military and civilians without the militant, is therefore de facto alone to the orders of the country, one of the poorest in the world. The United Nations, for its part, tries to organize a dialogue to revive a transition to democracy brutally interrupted on October 25.

Its mission to Khartoum multiplies meetings with all the actors of power, civil society, and even the associations of women or young people, without however achieving an agreement for direct or indirect negotiations between all parties in the immediate.

The Special Envoy of the United States for the Horn of Africa David Satterfield and the Deputy Secretary of State Molly Phee have started Monday a tour in Saudi Arabia and Sudan to try to revive the dialogue in a country Where the street continues to chant: "No negotiation, no partnership" with the army.

At the same time, Washington announced having replaced his busyman in Khartoum where the United States has no more ambassador since the 1990s.

Takuba Danish contingent: European partners respond to the Malian junta .
© Reuters - Paul Lorgerie of Malian soldiers on patrol with members of the Takuba Force near the Fontière with Niger, August 23, 2021. While The Malian junta claimed the immediate departure of the Danish contingent to participate in Takuba, the European countries engaged in this Task Force reacted Wednesday in a common statement, calling Bamako to "respect the solid foundation of diplomatic and operational cooperation".

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