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US News: DRC: Arrest of Nsabanga, a Chief of the Kamwina Nsapu Militia, Sentenced to Perpetuity

DRC: Military Effects Seized at Buteembo, North Kivu

 DRC: Military Effects Seized at Buteembo, North Kivu © John Wessels / AFP A general view of Butembo, in North Kivu Province, DRC. (Illustration image) Congolese and Ugandan armies pursue joint military operations against ADF rebels in eastern DRC. New bombing targeted supposed positions of its fighters on Monday.

Une vue de la ville de Kananga dans la région du Kasaï où se cachait le chef Nsabanga. © AFP - Arsene MPIANA A view from the city of Kananga in the Kasai region where Chief Nsabanga was hiding.

Named David Ndaye Nsabanga was apprehended 60 kilometers west of Kananga where he continued to make his law. Cité in the murder case of UN experts as having only telephone contact with the authors of this murder, no more, it had been relaxed. He was finally found guilty of a triple murder and condemned at risk of abundance. This Sunday, the army ended his cabal.

with our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda WA Kamanda Muzembe

It is a celebrity in the province of Kasai Central, Bastion of the Kamwina Nsapu militia. The irreducible David Ndaye, Alias ​​Chief Nsabanga ("Soap" in Luba language), was arrested by civilian soldiers holding a mandate awarded by military justice.

traffic light Cabinet summarizes the first decision to take foreign use of the Bundeswehr

 traffic light Cabinet summarizes the first decision to take foreign use of the Bundeswehr The traffic light government has for the first time a resolution on a foreign assignment of the Bundeswehr. On Wednesday in Berlin, the Cabinet approved an extension of the use in Iraq for nine months until the end of October, as agreed on government circles. The mandate for the Bundeswehr was changed to an important place to enable the Greens the consent: it excludes Syria as an area of ​​application.

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Condemned for the murder of three people, the man was sought after by the security services for two years. But he has always managed to escape through accomplices from information services. He was hiding in the city of Kananga, the capital of the province, affirms a source close to the file.

According to the same source, it is the change in the head of the operational sector which allowed its interpellation. A trap is tense to him. He goes to Tshikula's Catholic mission to see a football match. Elements of the Civil Army infiltrated among the spectators call it. His bodyguards react, leave their weapons. But the soldiers are faster: one of the guards is killed on the field, another is injured. Chief Militiaman David Ndaye is now in prison in Kananga to purge his sentence.

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Uganda: Parliamentarians refuse army credits for the mission in DRC .
© CC / Andrew Regan The Ugandan Parliament. Tuesday, the parliamentary committee responsible for the budget has blocked an application for military financing. This money was intended for the military operation of the Ugandan army in eastern Congo baptized Shujaa. The soldiers are officially entered on the DRC on December 3 to attack the Ugandan RFP Group.

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