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US News: Case Altrad: "Traffic of influence", "corruption", "bonal abuse", a police report Bernard Laporte

traffic light Cabinet summarizes the first decision to take foreign use of the Bundeswehr

 traffic light Cabinet summarizes the first decision to take foreign use of the Bundeswehr The traffic light government has for the first time a resolution on a foreign assignment of the Bundeswehr. On Wednesday in Berlin, the Cabinet approved an extension of the use in Iraq for nine months until the end of October, as agreed on government circles. The mandate for the Bundeswehr was changed to an important place to enable the Greens the consent: it excludes Syria as an area of ​​application.

The synthesis of the BRDE highlights the possible pounds of the boss of the FFR in favor of the MHR President

Bernard Laporte et Mohed Altrad sont dans le viseurs des enquêteurs de le BRDE. © Franck Pennant / AFP Bernard Laporte and Mohed Altrad are in the viewfits of the BRDE investigators. Rugby - The BRDE synthesis report highlights the possible pounds of the FFR boss in favor of the President of the MHR

while the XV of France is preparing to launch his tournament VI Nations (5 February-March 19) and that fans still lead the wonderful victory facing the Blacks (40-25), at the end of November, we would have almost forgotten that there is not only on the sports ground. There is a show. Indeed, after four years of investigation , the law enforcement of economic delinquency (BRDE) has just closed its investigation of the links between Bernard Laporte, the BOSS of the FFR, and Mohed Altrad, the President of the MHR and Main sponsor of the blues jersey. It would be (inter alia) reproached the President of the Federation, then under contract on a private basis with Altrad, to have illegally worked to serve the interests of President Montpelliérain.

Mozambique: Why and how Jihadists have established themselves in the Cabo Delgado

 Mozambique: Why and how Jihadists have established themselves in the Cabo Delgado region The Portuguese expert Paulo Casaca tries to understand the reasons for this "Islamist hypertrophy" north of Mozambique.

According to the team, which has had access to the investigators' summary report, seized in this case on 20 December 2017 by the National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF), it is "overwhelming" for questioning. Our colleagues write in particular that "the investigators consider that the facts revealed by their investigations are" likely to characterize certain offenses "against the two men. And the list is long.

A trial provided for in September 2022

against Bernard Laporte, it is mentioned from "corruption per person responsible for a public service mission, influence traffic per person, abuse of confidence in the prejudice of the FFR , illegal interest, concealment of corporate goods to the harm of AIA (Altrad Investment Authority), abuse of social property to the prejudice of (its own company) BL Communication (current debtor account). Contrary to Mohed Altrad, the report refers to the "active corruption on anyone responsible for a public service mission, active influence trafficking, abuse of social goods to the prejudice to ALA. According to Bernard Laporte's lawyer, Me Versini-Campinchi, who denounces a "exclusively dependent" police investigation, a trial will take place "in September 2022".

trial surveys of the Elysee Claude Gueant and former close to Sarkozy set Friday

 trial surveys of the Elysee Claude Gueant and former close to Sarkozy set Friday © AFP / Eric FEFERBERG Claude Gueant, former right hand of Nicolas Sarkozy is one of the respondents in the business surveys of the Elysee. Court delivers judgment this afternoon to 14 am in the case of opinion surveys commissioned by the palace without tenders during the five year term of Nicolas Sarkozy. The former employees of the former head of state, protected by his presidential immunity, appeared particularly for favoritism or embezzlement.

Video: Dupond-Moretti brings its "support" to Osny Prison after the Escape of an Inmate (Le Figaro)

Rugby: Julien Ory, the other man who could Cost her job in Bernard Laporte

- 20 minutes sport (@ 20minutesSport) January 11, 2018

At the heart of her investigations of BDDE, many Business for the least ladle, like the image contract (possibly overvalued and kept secret) Binder Bernard Laporte to the group of Mohed Altrad, the intervention of Laporte with the President of the Appeal Board to make the sanctions inflicted. At the MHR in June 2017 and the attribution of the sponsoring jersey by the ALTRAD Group for a lower amount to that required for the Historic Partners of the XV of France (GMF, Orange, Société Générale, BMW).

Telephone faders who say Long

for this last point, investigators are astonished at "lack of competition from potential sponsors" and question "the fair value of this sponsoring". When requested 9.9 million euros per season to Altrad's competitors, he obtained a deal at 5.4 million per season. With respect to the Appeal Board, and contrary to the Bernard Laporte lawyers, BRDE concluded that a decision had been made on 29 June against MHR before being amended following the Seven phone calls from Bernard Laporte, June 3, to the President of the FFR Jean-Daniel Simonet Appeal Board.

Coalition Clause: What remains of the beautiful selfie

 Coalition Clause: What remains of the beautiful selfie remains with the first cabinet claus of the traffic light coalition falls above all: Scholz does not have to worry about covering the differences, because the partners join. Only with the vaccination obligation could the FDP spoil the chancellor majority.

After this series of mysterious thread (the team even speaks of a telephone "frenzy of exchange" between the stakeholders), the sanctions against Montpellier will be finally generously reduced (canceling the stage suspension for the MHR and a fine that passes from 70,000 to 20,000 euros). The lawyers of the implemented persons were sent to the investigation report on 21 December on the part of the National Financial Prosecutor's Office. They now have a few months to prepare their defense, which will not be too much, certainly.

Sportaffaire Altrad: For Bernard Laporte, the indictment "is empty" Sportaffaire FFR / MHR: The lawyer of Mohed Altrad denounces a custody "at the edge of humanity"

Dabel and Lindner should quickly clarify KfW conveyor chaos .
Berlin. The surprising KfW funding stop for efficient construction brings the Federal Government under pressure. Consumers run storm. The traffic light now advised in the coalition committee on solutions. © Rolf Vennenbernd tens of thousands of construction citizens could suddenly empty at KfW promotion. The traffic light coalition, which is under pressure due to the controversial KfW conveying stop in energy-efficient buildings, wants to rework.

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